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Novoscene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on September 20, 2007


Novoscene: Weekend
By Kwan Booth

As the weekend comes upon us again the Novometro meteorological department predicts a bit of international education tonight followed by fits of funky dancing later in the evening. Friday through Sunday calls for bouts of psychadelic pornography with light multimedia showers and queer boom bap. Think layers people, layers...

Thursday Sept. 20

Reading and discussion: An Unbroken Agony: Haiti, From Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President


In 2004, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haiti’s first democratically elected president, was removed in a coup and flown 6000 miles to the Central African Republic of Congo. Some say he left voluntarily and others believe he was kidnapped. Human rights activists around the world have accused the United States of organizing the coup and kidnapping, although the boys at the White House continue to deny their involvement. Regardless of who you believe, one thing’s for sure: Haiti is fucked.
While current president Rene Preval has made an effort to stabilize the country, in the last 4 years ex-Haitian military have refashioned themselves as interim police units and with the help of UN “peacekeepers” have been bombing the hell out of Aristide supporters. Combine this with the extreme poverty and lack of resources and the future doesn’t look too bright for out southern neighbor.
Randall Robinson’s new book presents a historical look at the troubled country from Columbus’ arrival in 1492 up to the present. This is a great chance to hear the side of the story most American press won’t touch.

What: Reading and discussion: An Unbroken Agony: Haiti, From Revolution to the Kidnapping of a President
When: Thursday, September 20, 6:30
Where: Allen Temple Baptist Church, 8501 International Blvd
How Much: $5

Club: Brothers and Sisters featuring Carlos Mena

Brothers & Sisters has been spreading the global underground house music love every Thursday night for the last 3 years. Oakland’s best kept secret dance party, the vibe is always friendly and the music-deep, funky house-is the dopest this side of the water.
Tonight’s special guest is Bay Area legend and DJ supreme Carlos Mena. As a poet and MC, Mena has shared stages with Timothy Leary, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Beau Sia. As a DJ he’s rocked clubs around the world, most recently during “Bembe,” the monthly funky dance party at Duplex in SF. Behind the decks Mena is like a shaman, controlling the floor and working the crowd into a frenzy. Leave the posin’ and frontin’ at home for this one and be prepared to sweat.

What: BROTHERS & SISTERS featuring Carlos Mena
When: Thursday, September, 9pm-2am
Where: Luka’s Taproom & Lounge 2221 Broadway
How much: Free

Friday Sept. 21


Art: Sharing Space Sharing Vision: The Work of Carrissa Bowman and Robert Porter


The new show at Cricket Engine is a nice break from the graffiti, street and pop art popular at the moment. Sculptor Carrissa Bowman uses clay, string, wire and electronics to explore new ways of looking at systems and order, explaining that “structure is the significant concept in my work. Whatever material is chosen, it is how they are grouped together that is paramount.”
Her partner of 15 years, Robert Porter’s work can resemble cities or spores, alleys or cathedrals. The SFAI grad is obsessed with patterns and formations and his works hint at objects without actually portraying them-
“My work is a combination of traditional notions of painting, new technology, and theoretical and natural sciences. I am concerned with revealing through direct observation and intuitive experimentation the beautiful.”

What: Art Opening Sharing Space Sharing Vision: The Work of Carrissa Bowman and Robert Porter
When: Friday, Sept. 21, 6:30-9:30pm
Cricket Engine Studio and Gallery, 499 Embarcadero (Building 3)
How Much: Free

The Lollipop Girls in Hard Candy


Porn, popcorn, candy and 3-D: sounds like a great way to spend a Friday night. Hard Candy, the 1977 absurd masterpiece from schlockmaster Norm de Plume (Scoring, Black Lolita, Hot Skin) throws in everything from pie fights in fake gorilla suits to Greek Centurions to an apparently spectacular 3-D money shot, to tell the tale of a struggling candy factory and the evil fertilizer company that wants to eat it for lunch. That’s about all there is for plot and even that might be making things a bit too linear. Honestly, the flick doesn’t make much friggin’ sense but it’s a helluva good time and needs to be seen by the masses just for its shear amount of whatthefuck Plume packs into an hour and a half.
The flick screens Friday and Saturday as part of the Piedmont’s 90th anniversary celebrations. They’ll be screening midnight movies of the lewd and loopy variety for the next couple of months.
The original film never made it to DVD or VHS so this is one of those rare chances to see it before it’s locked back into the B movie cinema geek archives. Free 3-D glasses for everyone!

What: Hard Candy
Friday Sept. 21 and Saturday Sept 22, 12am
4186 Piedmont Ave
How Much: $8

Saturday Sept. 22


PeaceOut World Homo Hop Festival


The annual festival of all things gay in hip hop is back once again. The 7th Annual PeaceOut World Homo Hop Festival rolls into 21 Grande with a kick ass roster of some of the best queer hip hop from the bay and beyond.
When festival director Juba Kalamka was asked to spearhead PeaceOut back in 2001, he wasn’t really feeling the whole idea. “I wasn’t interested in booking some straight performer for $15,000 that gay people happened to like. Not when there are so many talented queer performers” said the cofounder of pioneering queer hip hop group Deep Dickollective. So Kalamka dove into the depths of LGBT culture and, along with a small band of mighty homo warriors, shoved gay hip hop into the faces of mainstream America.
Since its inception the festival has grown to include sister shows in Atlanta, New York and London, the 2005 documentary “Pick up the Mic” follows the lives of festival performers and earlier this year the first touring homohop show struck out from San Diego. Seems like the age old question of “who’s the gay rapper” is pretty damned pointless in this context. Check the rhymes ya’ll.
With performances by Julie Fucking Potter, NaR, Jen-Ro, Katastrophe, Deep Dickollective, DJ Blackinthelight and Dutchboy and others.

What: PeaceOut World Homo Hop Festival
at 21 Grand, 416 25th St
When: Saturday, Sept. 22, 8pm
How Much:
$5-$10 Sliding Admission

Sunday Sept. 23


Multimedia Electronics: Wizard Prison, Tainted Pussy, Pigs in the Ground


Wizard Prison is a project of Scott Colburn, a studio engineer who regularly works with bands like the Arcade Fire and Animal Collective who he’s currently touring with. He describes the priz as “a multimedia project complete with a prison, projected abstract films of our own making, esoteric software synths of our own modification, and heavy guitars and drums designed to (magically) lure you into allowing our escape from the prison.”
Tainted Pussy, besides having one of the best band names in recent memory, features Aurora Josephson, Mary Clare Brzytwa and Liz Allbee in a vocal and electronics mishmash that relies heavily on the band’s apparently earnest interests in foot fetishism and pastel-colored feminine hygiene products. Just listen to it, don’t think about it.

What: Wizard Prison, Tainted Pussy and Pigs in the Ground
at 21 Grand, 416 25th St
When: Sunday, Sept. 23, 8:30pm
How Much:

Send all your event goodies to kwan@novometro.com


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