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Photos: 2007 Dia de los Muertos in the Fruitvale

Posted by novoscene on October 29, 2007


The annual Dia De los Muertos Festival in the Fruitvale is the biggest in the country. Last Sunday International Ave was teeming with skulls, skeletons, smiling kids and altars to honor loved ones who’ve passed away. Check out the pics-Kwan

2 Responses to “Photos: 2007 Dia de los Muertos in the Fruitvale”

  1. […] Finale GalaRon Dellums Endorses Clinton « Photos-Montclair Arts and Crafts Festival Photos: 2007 Dia de los Muertos in the Fruitvale […]

  2. […] Cool stuff to do: Mission When I asked her about cool stuff to do in Fruitvale, Courtney said, “you can go to Rockridge.” She couldn’t think of anything “cool” to do in her hood although she loves some of the neighborhood restaurants (i.e. Mi Lupita, El Taco Zamorano and The Full House). Gene says you can go to: Phone Booth, El Rio, Knockout, Maverick, Range, Medjool’s roof, Dover, Front Porch, Precitia Eyes, Carnaval… Fruitvale gets an honorable mention in this category for having the biggest Dia De Los Muertos festival in the country. […]

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