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1-11-08 Novoscene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on January 11, 2008

From Oz to Astrology, murder mysteries to musical hipsters, the second week of 08 is looking pretty good for the fun obsessed. Indulge all you want. -Kwan

Friday, Jan. 11

Welcome to Oz
In late 2007 Clean Skateshop and Sense6 Recording got together to form the Oakland Zoo Krew, an arts and events company focusing on urban arts and skater culture. The crew has a full slate of goodness planned for the new year starting tonight with Clean’s already infamous 2nd Friday’s Art show. Tonight’s show features photos and art by Joe Brook and Dylan Maddox of Slap Magazine and tunes by E.T.C and resident beast master DJ Ooh Child.

Oz 2nd Friday Art Show



Clean Skateshop

1432 Franklin St. Oakland


Saturday, Jan. 12


The Soul Cypher

Hotwater Cornbread’s first Spoken Word event of the year kicks off with a new venue and a new attitude. If you missed the words at last year’s Spoken Word Soul Fest, do yourself a favor and check it out tonight as Prentice Powell, Dante McClinton & The Real and a houseful of badass poets ring in 2008.

The Soul Cypher



Club Anton’s

428 3rd Street




So Capricorns, the 10 sign of the zodiac, are known to be prudent, responsible, formal and patient. They’re supposed to be very wise, businesslike and dependable people. Now that’s all fine and good, but can they party? Find out tonight at the Uptown’s party for every one born between Dec. 22 and Jan. 19. Get freaky with beats and tunes by the hotties from Hottub, Ned and the Dashing Suns, and watch as those dependable, upstanding Capricorns lose their shit, if only for one night.

Capricornicopia: Capricorn birthday celebration
9 p.m.
The Uptown
1928 Telegraph Ave. Oakland


Cool World: Jazz and the Movies

The latest film series from Berkeley’s BAM/PFA really is all that Jazz-cool jazz, free jazz, straight jazz and fusion. The program, which runs through Feb. 6, showcases films that stretch from the Blue Notes of New York to the blue smoke of Parisian nightclubs. Tonight features two greats, Beware and John Cassavetes ‘ Too Late Blues:


“An engaging vehicle for alto saxophonist and R&B singer Louis Jordan, set at an all-black college. “With the hot swing here, one can savor the students’ temptations toward boogie-woogie.”—Scott Simmon

Too Late Blues
“John Cassavetes’s too-lately appreciated drama starring Bobby Darrin, “capturing the argot—swift, hardboiled and sometimes poetic—of music-making hipsters without a cause.”—Albert Johnson.

Beware and Too Late Blues

$9.50 each

Beware-6:30, Too Late Blues-8:10

PFA Theater
2575 Bancroft Way, Berkeley



Sunday, Jan. 13

Flamenco with Roberto & Alicia Zamora

This regular Ashkenaz favorite presents flamenco “in an intimate, cabaret setting, as it should be seen,” with a costume exhibit and sale of flamenco items. Tonight’s featured performers are Roberto and Alicia Zamora and Alicia’s students, along with guitarist David Gutierrez and singer La Margarita.

Flamenco with Roberto & Alicia Zamora

6:30 p.m.

Ashkenaz Music & Dance Community Center
1317 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley



Cornelia Read

The Crazy School is the sequel to Berkeley author Cornelia Read’s 2006 A Field Of Darkness . The debut novel widely praised and nominated for the prestigious Edgar Award for Best First Novel. The second book finds the protagonist Madeline and her husband having relocated from Syracuse, New York to the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. Madeline has accepted a teaching job at a strict boarding school for troubled teens and is soon looking into the supposed suicide of two students. Come hear the rest of the story unfold and soak up some of Read’s mystery writing genius at this free reading.

Cornelia Read



DIESEL, A Bookstore

5433 College Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618


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