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3/26 Bush Family Fortunes

Posted by novoscene on March 26, 2008

Bush Family Fortunes

As the 5th anniversary of the war passes and the death toll for U.S. soldiers tops 4,000, tonight the humanist hall is offering just one more reason to question the intelligence of the “War on Terror”:

“This film by Greg Palast explores the connections between the Bush family, the Saudi Royal family and the Bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia. It covers much of the same Saudi ground as “Fahrenheit 9/11″ but it makes a bolder assertion: that the real reason for the war in Iraq is to wrest incredibly rich oil fields from Iraqi control and give them to international oil corporations. There is a lot of background on George Bush’s early career in the oil business and in Texas politics, and how Bush and Saudi money and influence smoothed over the bumps in his spotted career…What emerges is a story about a spoiled rich kid who never really had to suffer the consequences of his life choices. More than any other documentary, this one shows how Bush’s life of regal privilege has convinced him that he can get away with anything. He benefitted from powerful connections which smoothed over his problems. Way back behind him, pulling the strings and providing ample money, is the vast wealth of the Saudi Royal family, the Bin Laden family and Enron money, before Enron went belly up. It explains the energy policy and the current military strategy of the U.S. If you want to know where that policy came from, just follow the money.”

Bush Family Fortunes
$5 donations
Humanist Hall
390 27th Street, Oakland

One Response to “3/26 Bush Family Fortunes”

  1. Len Rawls said

    There really is a whole lot of evidence that the Bush Administration knew about the attacks of 9/11 before they occurred. Read a book called THE TERROR TIMELINE by Paul Thompson or see the online version at History Commons. There is a video based in part on these sources which is called PRESS FOR TRUTH–it shows the CBS News video of the Bush Adm. warning both Defense and Justice department officials from flying on commercial aviation in the weeks before 9/11. THEY LET IT HAPPEN!!!

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