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5/2 Novoscene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on May 2, 2008

Image courtesy of Hip Hop for President

Wake yo Game up!

I don’t think there’s much debate around the significance of the upcoming presidential election. Not only do we have two candidates, a woman and a black man, that have a damned good chance of winning the top spot but we also have the chance to unseat the party responsible for the last 8 years of failed international policy, economic downturns and general Anti US sentiment worldwide. To just say we have a lot at stake here would be a big ol’ fat understatement.
But the thing is, just how much does your vote count if things really don’t change much when the next set of suits step into the White House? And is saying that you voted in a historic election really that significant if it’s the only community minded thing you do all year? What about the historically low voter turnouts in low income communities nationwide? If anything, the people who need to have the loudest voices are often the most disenfranchised. What do we do about it?
These are the kinds of questions that’ll be flying around the room at the Oakland Museum tonight during the Wake Yo Game Up panel discussion and performance presented by the Town Business Network. A panel of deep thinkers, community organizers and activists are hoping to get down to the nuts and bolts of the electoral process, focusing the discussion on how to turn the political rhetoric into practical action,
the factors affecting voter participation in urban communities and where do we go after the election, no matter who wins. The panelist will be addressing the issues with a particular focus on hip hop culture and ways that artists and cultural influencers can be a part of the change. Speakers will include Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson, writer and historian Davey D, radio personality Chuy Gomez, journalist Eric K. Arnold and Town Business Network founder Charles Johnson. -kwan
Wake Yo Game Up!
Oakland Museum
1000 Oak Street, Oakland


Friday, May 2

Awaken Cafe First Friday

At last, Awaken has finally awakened!! After much planning and prepping and fund raising, the 1st phase of Awaken Cafe, the much anticipated downtown organic coffee shop/art space is officially open to the public. And they’re celebrating tonight with an inaugural reception for the work of photographer Mia Nakano, a world traveling photo documentarian whose work focuses on the culture, struggles, and people within minority communities, from queer rights activists to Tibetan Buddhists. Stop by tonight and say hi to owners Cortt and Kari and grab a cup of hot foamy Oakland love.

Awaken Cafe Reception
Awaken Cafe
414 14th Street, Oakland
(510) 836-2058

The Dead Science

Dead Science, Sholi & Active Crime Transplant

The Dead Science’s Sam Mickens sings cracked art-pop songs with pants-on-fire urgency, while his band smashes orchestral elements together with anarchic glee. The results aren’t exactly hummable, but the Dead Science’s songs have an itchy, madcap appeal that’s not unlike stumbling upon a mental patient’s video diary on YouTube. Sholi is a San Francisco Bay Area alternative/experimental band consisting of songwriter/guitarist Payam Bavafa, drummer Jonathon Bafus, and bassist Eric Ruud. “Attention-getting musicianship, with a drummer that knows when to hold back and when to unleash a busy, all-encompassing percussive racket, a strong and versatile singer in guitarist Payam Bavafa, and overall, the taste to discern what to do and when…indie rock truisms, a la the Walkmen, and a traditional side to handle the ethnic material like Morricone might have, with a lot of instrumental flash and a noble, heads-up presence.” -DUSTED Active Crime Transplant, a saxophone/laptop duo, opens.

Dead Science, Sholi & Active Crime Transplant
21 Grand
416 25th St.
(510) 444-7263

Sweet Bike!

This the first in a 2 part exhibition between Oakland and Philadelphia based artists. Beyond the network of artists, musicians, designers, and friends that make up the involved creative community, Philadelphia’s SPACE 1026 is an independently funded studio space, printmaking workshop, recording studio, and store, as well as a gallery for emerging artists located on the edge of Philadelphia’s Chinatown. The collective has shown their work at the Institute of Contemporary Art, as well as internationally in London and Milan, and recently were invited to speak at New York’s Museum of Modern Art on the topic of collaborative printmaking. The work of the current members, individually and as a whole, spans all artistic mediums, from wheat-pasting to welding, screen-printing to linoleum cut, electronics to cinematography and clothing design.
This opening will serve as an introduction to the collective before they return in June for their large scale installation at LOBOT GALLERY.

Sweet Bike!
492 23rd St., Oakland, CA

Saturday, May 3

Cinco De Mayo in Delores Park

While Cinco De Mayo is officially the 5th of May, don’t sweat the fact that they bumped the celebration up two days. After all, Mexican solidarity should be celebrated as much as possible, yes? While May 5th is often confused with Mexico’s Independence Day, the date itself refers to one of Mexico’s four major invasions through the Carnaval City of Veracruz and is meant to symbolize solidarity among Mexican and Latino immigrants and the US.d
San Francisco’s Cinco Do Mayo, held annually in Delores Park, historically means the day that the entire Mission and most of the rest of the city descends on the park for a day of music, dancing and games. This year’s headlining musicians include Mariachi Nueva Generación, Berta Olivia and Los Cenzontles.

Cinco De Mayo
Dolores Park
Dolores between 18th & 20t , San Francisco

Hip Hop in the Park 2008

It’s that time again as the annual Hip Hop in the Park festival makes it’s yearly touchdown at People’s Park in Berkeley. The festival is produced by the UC Berkeley organization Students for Hip Hop @ Cal and regularly features a who’s who of the areas grassroots hip hop performers, artists and dancers. Expect the rhymes to flow, the aeresol to spraying and the b-boys to back spin. This year’s headliners Clyde Carson and Mystic are joined by a crew of talented MC’s including 40Love Talia, Apakalips and Overflow with DJ Deuce Ace and the Brown Buffalo Project.

Hip Hop in the Park
People’s Park
2556 Haste Street , Berkeley, CA

Sunday, May 4

EcoHouse Tour

Tour the Ecology Center’s environmentally friendly demonstration site and learn about a broad-spectrum of simple improvements that can be made to green an urban home. The tour includes Berkeley’s first city-permitted wetland / greywater system, solar panels, on-demand water heaters, water saving fixtures, natural and recycled building materials, water catchment strategies, ducks in the city, a living roof garden, organic permaculture gardening, native drought tolerant plants, mushroom cultivation, and more. Participants must register in advance for either the 10am or the 1pm tour. Call to register and for location.

Ecohouse Tour
$10 sliding scale, no one turned away for lack of funds.
10am and at 1pm
the Ecology Center
2530 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley
For more information contact:510-548-2220 x242

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