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5/19: Lunada Lounge: Paradox

Posted by novoscene on May 19, 2008

Open mics can be tricky things. On any night you’re just as likely to find the next Ginsberg as you are to spend the night clutching your beer and wincing as the umpteenth performance poet of the evening mangles their latest version of the Beat poetry aesthetic. Fortunately for those of us who still believe in the power of a mic and a voice, there’s Lunada.

Galeria de La Raza’a Lunada literary lounge consistently draws some of the area’s top talent with a featured performer roster ranging from spoken word to experimental guitar. Come celebrate the full moon tonight with a special sneak preview of Paradox, a new performance directed by poet Marc David Pinate, as part of La Pena Cultural Center’s Hybrid & Experimental Performance Ensemble.

According to the promos Paradox is work of metaphysical music, an “exploration into the power of performance to heal the spirit…both story and non-story, theatre and non-theatre, teaching and non-teaching, being and non-being. It is the space beyond the logical or rational where opposites coexist and simultaneous truths converge.” Got that? Story AND non story, teaching AND non teaching. Deep right? No rewarmed “Howl” over here.-kwan

Lunada Lounge: Paradox
$5 or free with food dish
Galería De la Raza
2857 24th St.,San Francisco,CA


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