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5/23 O Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on May 23, 2008

Featured Event: Decoy

The ability to manipulate form and color in order to blend into your surroundings is one of nature’s true wonders and a time honored tool for hunting and basic survival. Whether it’s a frog turning itself all types of rust colors to snag that tasty fly, or a fish that blends into the background whenever the big bad eel comes along, or the short skinny kid from middle school who strikes a ninja pose and vanishes into the crowd to avoid that weekly ass kicking, in certain situations, the ability to fade and mimic have proven to be crucial skills.

Along these same lines, certain industries have been known to use visual deceptions to their advantage in several, sometime shiesty ways. From passing counterfeit twenties to packaging a generic product to look just like the New! Improved! Tide! sitting right next to it, media and marketing especially have been using mimicry,camouflage and decoys to get over for years.

Tonight a group of artists are giving the technique a try. Decoy, the new show at Lobot Gallery is a group exhibition of sculpture, painting, video, and works on paper featuring recent work by Patrick Blaeser, Robert Burden, Ross Campbell, Diane Derr, Robert Jackson Harrington, Claire Jackel, Whitney Lynn, Jana Rumberger and Brian Stinemetz. The show attempts to engage the political and psychological aspects of deception, perception, cognition and abstraction.

There’ll be music by The Tea Set, MNDR and Family Tree, and Lobot Resident Artist Patrick Blaeser will open his studio for viewing.

Friday May 23
Lobot Gallery
1800 Campbell St. Oakland

Friday, May 23

Lalah Hathaway CD release

Chicago-born R&B stylist Lalah Hathaway is in town through May 26th to celebrate the release of her brand-new Stax CD, Self Portrait. The respected soul singer and daughter of soul music legend Donny Hathaway first put the music world on notice in 1990 with her self titled Virgin Records debut. She’s since recorded three CDs, among them the critically acclaimed collaboration with pianist Joe Sample, The Song Lives On, and has accumulated a long list of major credits with artists such as Marcus Miller, David Sanborn, Meshell Ndegeocello, Gerald Albright, and Wayman Tisdale. She also contributed to the 2007 set Interpretations: Celebrating the Music of Earth, Wind & Fire

Lalah Hathaway CD release party
Call for show times
Yoshi’s West
510 Embarcadero West, Oakland

Improvised Territory Artist Reception

Tonight Swarm hosts a reception for their latest showing of works by Jeff Eisenberg and Christopher Loomis in the main gallery and Picket Fencing, the new exhibit by John Casey in the Project Space.
Improvised Territory is Eisenberg and Loomis’ collaborative installation of modern landscape fictions. Eisenberg works on paper, mixed media on mylar, and Loomis creates sculptural architectural constructions. “Picket Fencing” is a mixed media installation on wood including a cast of characters developed over time that “fence with pickets.” Drawing from the obvious pun in the name, Casey also has fun with latent angst tied up in middle class suburban culture. Audio artist Matt Volla will be on hand providing a unique soundtrack to the evening.

Improvised Territory
Swarm Gallery
560 Second Street, Oakland CA 94607
Tel 510-839-2787

Saturday, May 24

The People all day party

Y’know at a certain point, those cool underground parties stop being cool underground parties once every one knows about them? Well the secret is out over at The People, as the crowd gets larger each month and the list of extended families grows longer and longer. Thankfully the folks over at Relevant Sound have been working hard to make sure the vibe stays friendly and chill, with all the deep soul beats the regulars have come to know and love. And for this month’s party, they’re giving us a whole lot more to love, kicking things off at 5pm with barbecue, live painting and pre-party performances a few hours before the main event.
For their first all day party they’ve lined up a hip hop performance by Bay Area staples Fiyawata, and some healthy grub courtesy of the illustrious Chef Florida. When the festivities kick off at 10, things really kick off. House music legend Ian Friday just flew in from NY to bless the late night crowd. The Tea Party Music founder Ian Friday. For the last 14 years Friday has been providing the soul beats for New York’s spoken word and arts scene. If his last set was any indication, it’s going to be another hot night at for The People.

The People
$5 before 10, $10 after
Club Oasis

No Wave Book Party w/Ettrick and Death Sentence: Panda!

The new book No Wave, by DC-area music and film writer, Marc Masters, traces the history of the noisy, uncompromising and damned hard to categorize genre, from its most famous names down to its many offshoots and sidetracks. Flashing through the New York underground in the late 1970s, No Wave was the ultimate anti-movement. Its bands consisted of artists and poets untrained in music, looking to explode rock and disappear before the smoke cleared. Best known for short songs and even shorter life-spans, No Wave bands fused disparate styles to fashion abrasive, rhythmic songs that were completely original and utterly compelling. The primary perpetrators – Lydia Lunch’s howling Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, James Chance’s skeletal Contortions, the dark-noise groups Mars and DNA – all drew on primitivism, performance art, and the avant-garde.
Masters and contributing writer Weasel Walter will both be on hand throughout the night along with a rare video documentation of music performances of the period, and live music by Death Sentence: Panda! and Ettrick (drums and sax duo of Jacob Felix Heule and Jay Korber).

No Wave Book Party w/Ettrick and Death Sentence: Panda!
21 Grand
416 25th St. Oakland

Photo by Wes Rowe

Le Heat

This new monthly at the Uptown is quickly turning into the place to be every 4th Saturday. Hosted by the hotties fron Hottub (check the feature in the current edition of The Oakbook), the crew of electro glam funkanaughts have been know to induce breakneck dancing and periods of extreme fabulosity in listeners. Be warned: tonight’s special guests, SF’s Sugar and Gold have a reputation too; a reputation for wielding psychedelic guitars, synth sweeps and rhythmic pulses that destroy cold hipster facades and pied piper entire clubs out onto the dance floor. If you wake up the next morning sticky, a bit hung over and covered in sweat and glitter, you’ll know they did their job well.

Le Heat w/Sugar and Gold
The Uptown
1928 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

Sunday, May 25

Photo by Meik

Club Sandwich featuring KIT, Vivian Girls, Mantles, Experimental Dental School and Nrsz

Club Sandwich is an all-ages show collective that produces events for under-the-radar musicians, mixing the best touring & local music. Like the seven blonde adventuresome heroines from which they borrow their moniker, Brooklyn’s Vivian Girls have moxie. The all female, Henry Darger-inspired trio packs abrasive power and infectious harmonies that bring to mind old school groups like The Raincoats and B-52’s. Experimental Dental School, formerly of Oakland, now of Portland, is far from placeable-imagine a more scatterbrained Deerhoof or sharper, higher contrast second-coming of Captain Beefheart.

Club Sandwich
21 Grand
416 25th St. Oakland

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