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5/30/08 O-Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on May 30, 2008

Featured Event: Issues 1 Year Anniversary Party

“The day of the print publication is over” they say. “The next wave of media will be on the Internet” they say. “Brick and Mortar stores are a thing of the past” they say. Well good people, they-the far sighted culture predictors, print on demand enthusiasts and PDF magazine downloaders-need to bring their asses down to Issues, grab a good ol’ print copy of Razorcake, sift through some Italian Vogue and shut their glossy hatin’ traps for a few more years. This little shop is proof that the neighborhood books shop ain’t going nowhere yet.

Nestled near Peets Coffee off Piedmont Ave, Issues opened a year ago this weekend offering a wide rainbow of hard to find magazines, music, art books and accessories ranging from kitschy t-shirts to jewelry to hip little day planners. The owners Joe and Noella put a lot of time and effort into making sure they capture the local flavor and stock all the area mags from Oakbook (of course) to Planet to Swee (t) art, in addition to an entire wall of obscure art zines, trashy UK gossip pubs, music rags and “all the Vogues your little heart desires: Italian, French, Australian.” Speaking as someone who’s spent insane amounts of money on mags over the years, I could spend forever in this place-just give me a cuppa coffee, a quiet corner and a few hours to bliss out and I’m a very happy man.

They’re also big supporters of local artists and have featured shows by Swee(t) art Publisher Obi Kaufmann, Xopher Davidson and Olivia Warnecke. Their focus on Oakland centric merch has earned them a loyal following and judging from the list of businesses giving away prizes at their anniversary party this Sunday afternoon-including 1-2-3-4 Go Records, Crackerjacks, Down at Lulu’s and Spectator Books-the event should be full of loving supporters and bibliophiles. Expect lots of music, giveaways and if their website is any indication, an assortment of dips and finger foods that will boggle the mind.

So if you’ve had an itch for something of the periodical nature that Barnes and Noble and DeLauer’s just haven’t been able to scratch, get out from in front of the computer and head over to Issues this Sunday and get your browse on in real life the way God and Conde Naste rightfully intended. But be warned-I’ve got dibs on that last copy of Good Magazine, and I will fight you for it.-Kwan

Issues 1 year Anniversary Party
Sunday, June 1
20 Glen Ave, (at Piedmont), Oakland

Friday, May 30

Closing Reception: Sweet Bike!

Today’s your last chance to catch this show by members of SPACE 1026, Philly’s independent art collective. The group has been showing a series of small works as part of a collaboration with Oakland’sLOBOT Gallery that will result in a large scale group show at the end of the year. Featured artists will include Andrew Jeffery Wright, Alex Lukas, BillMcRight, Crystal Stokowski, Delilah Knuckley, Mark Price, Thom Lessner and Zac Beaver.

Sweet Bike! Closing Reception
EgoPark Gallery
492 23rd St, Oakland

Opening Reception: Alterations

One of the most appropriately named art shows to premier in the last few months, Alterations centers around Francesca Pastine’s manipulation and recontextualization of the pages of the New York Times and the high class art bible ArtForum. Through a process of cutting, slashing and digging, she alters the form of the glossy, oddly proportioned magazine and sacred newspaper, creating a visceral topography of decades of art trends.
Alterations Reception
The Lab
2948 16th St. San Fransico

Saturday, May 31

Say It Loud!

Catch hip hop DJ NeoGeo as he makes a special trip to this side of the bay for a party rockin’ Easy Lounge appearance. Filling in for resident DJ Max Kane’s (4onefunk) and DJ Spair’s (Oakland Faders), the SF DJ gets down in The Town tonight with a blend of old school hip hop, R&B and soul.

Say It Loud!
Easy Lounge
3255 Lakeshore Ave., Oakland

The New Roots Band

In preparation for their appearance at 10th Annual 10th Anniversary Healdsburg Jazz Festival, The New Roots Band returns to the Bay Area tonight with their blend of bluesy Kansas City jazz. Fronted by sisters Angela Wellman on Trombone and Lori Wellman on voice, the group has recently been laying down the long hand of the jazz law at the DeYoung Museum and the San Mateo, Malcolm X and Vallejo Jazz Festivals.

The New Roots Band
$18 advance/ $20-door
Oakland Public Conservatory of Music
1616 Franklin Street, Oakland

Vintage Sessions: Fashion Edition

After a 2 year hiatus, Vintage Session is back with a night celebrating local music, fashion and urban lifestyle. The designers in this show represent some of the best up coming names in the industry and have been steadily gaining attention beyond the bay and around the world for their inspired street ware and urban culture designs. Along with new pieces from True,Fatlace, Iris, Red Clay, Nicacelly and FTC there’ll be a special show by NYC’s Hellz Bellz, known worldwide for personifying “female empowerment and individuality, while defying all rules of conformity.” Hosted by Fran Boogie with sounds by DJ Sake 1.

Vintage Sessions: Fashion Edition
$10 before 11pm
111 Minna Gallery
111 Minna St. San Francisco

Sunday, June 1


Since 1998 Cascada has been playing their unique version of Flamenco-blending Spanish guitar precision and fire with the musics of Latin America.
Guitarist David Correa traveled into Mexico and through Latin America to get to the heart of the Spanish guitar sound and along with Tommy Hill on guitar, Lee Howard on bass and Ricky Ricardo on percussion, the quartet blends the various sounds of the Spain and the Americas into a tapestry of foot stompingdance floor rhythms.

Call for Price
Anna’s Jazz Island
2120 Allston Way, Berkeley


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