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10/2 Fight for your right to marry

Posted by novoscene on October 1, 2008

Gay marriage? Yeah, we got it.  But if Prop 8 passes and California’s Constitution is amended to ban marriage between same sex couples then we won’t have it for long.  With that in mind, local organizers are getting together Thursday night to raise funds and awareness on same sex marriage issues.

The discussion will be focused on the African American clergy and their often conservative views on gay marriage.  And in addition to activists and men/women of the cloth, the discussion will also feature the cast of the popular Logo Network show Noah’s Arc.  But don’t let fact that there’ll be hot, famous men in the house be what convinces you to go.  Nah, do it for the cause.   Or do it cuz then you’ll have something to talk about with those hot, famous men when they all head over to the Vibe Lounge for the event after party.-Kwan

For Faith, For Love, Forever: In Support of Marriage Equality
First Congregational Church of Oakland
2501 Harrison Street, Oakland

No on Prop 8 after party
9:30 – 2 am
Vibe Lounge
2272 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

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