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11/07 O-Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on November 7, 2008

Friday, Nov. 7


Oakland funk meets Minneapolis soul whenever Femi Andradres steps onto a stage. If you haven’t heard the new EP “Sweetwater Soul” or missed her recent performances at the San Jose Jazz Festival then you owe it to yourself to end your Art Murmor meandering tonight with a stroll over to Maxwell’s Lounge, where she’ll be holding it down with a full band.

Femi’s music is blend of Afro-Latin/Carribean rhythms, jazz, hip-hop, salsa and rock but refuses to fit neatly into any box. The Oakland raised singe and producer honed her sensual chops on the open mic and spoken word scene and has shared stages with the likes of Ledisi, Goapele and Martin Luther while also mixing it up with local electronic and metal outfits. She’s been shining bright in the background for years, and now says she’s ready to take center stage.

The cuts on “Sweetwater Soul” are on the mellow side, made for late night chill sessions-but onstage expect anything from vamped out electro cover songs to punk rock ballads. Look for the full feature on Oakland’s next great soul diva in the next edition of The Oakbook and lose yourself in some sweet water’s tonight.

7:30 doors, 9pm Show
Maxwell’s Lounge
341 13th Street
Oakland, CA 94612

First Friday Follies

Jumping into the 1st Friday fray with , the Stork Club kicks off Art Murmur with a full on musical raunch fest, a little bit of style and a whole lot of leg-all for free, like a good peep show should be. The ladies of Belle Du Jour (which, according to the group’s myspace, is “American-white-trash-revolution-speak for ‘More junk in the trunk than a McDonald’s Chicken Mcnugget Happy Meal'”) are joined by a lineup guaranteed to get you all hot and bothered. Check out Burlesque-esque undulations from Frederique, Marie Lafaux, Hoopsie Daisy, Charlie Starr, Eeyore The Clown, Little Eyeful, Dirty Dot with backing tunes from The Gomorran Social Aid and Pleasure Club.

First Friday Follies
9 p.m.
Stork Club
2330 Telegraph Ave. Oakland

Dance At Large

More than any industry outside of fashion, the dance world is famous and notoriously body conscious. You’ve got to be both swan graceful and pencil thin. It’s not often you see a Rubenesque ballerina and to make it to be the big time, you can’t be too big in the behind. But being f* that!  We like our dancers big, small, short, tall and all the colors of the Skittles package and the crew from Big Moves Bay Area is here to give you that bit of body diversity you probably won’t get from the usual Swan Lake. The girls are getting together with other size positive dancers for Dance at Large a program that celebrates movement in all it’s forms. Participants include including Rubenesque Burlesque, NaachDuniya, and hip-hop crew Culture Shock Oakland.

Dance At Large
10/7 and 10/8
$12/$10 students
Laney College Theater
900 Fallon St., Oakland

Saturday, Nov. 8

OpenStreetMap mapping party

Amatuer cartographer’s listen up-if you thought Google Maps was the greatest thing in map making then do we have an event for you. OpenStreetMap is a free, open source map that can be contributed, edited and used by anyone anywhere. And mapping parties are those free, open events where mappers and mappers-in-training meet up to share and learn more about the project. There’ll be plenty of time to learn the technology, plan out your mapping route and learn some tips from the pros. Amerigo Vespucci never had it so good.

OpenStreetMap mapping party
Mama Buzz Cafe
2318 Telegraph Ave., Oakland

Brass Knuckles Festival

If you went to the Hornucopia brass music festival in San Francisco a few weeks ago you undoubtably saw some cool bands, listened to some cool tunes and had a generally cool time. But this is Oakland, and we like out brass rough. And that’s why we like the Brass Knuckles Festival. Despite having the most kick ass name of any event in recent memory, the one night mashup features bands that blend that rough and tumble Oakland swagger with the suaveness inherant in any brass instrument. The lineup includes the hip hop/jazzy funk of The Kev Choice Ensemble, Damon & Heathen’s punk meets Manchester Soul intensity, Monophonics and special guest Mic Gillette-the original trumpet player from Tower of Power.

Brass Knuckles Festival
Uptown Night Club
1928 Telegraph Ave., Oakland

Veni Vidi Vici

Juxtapoz Magazine, everyone’s favorite San Francisco low brow art bible, is back with another hipper than thou raging, art party (there’s also new edition of the mag out too, if you’re into that sort of thing). Heavyweight Dub Champion is taking over the Club 6 basement with some help from Dr. Israel, Warrior King, Topr and the Lords crew holding down the visual art. Get there early, Juxtapoz parties are usually extremely hot, not just because of the talent but ‘cuz they’re usually packed full like sardine cans. Usually pretty sexy sardines, but still…

Veni Vidi Vici-Juxtapoz Magazine Party
Club Six
60 6th St San Francisco

Sunday, Nov. 9

East Bay Green Tour

Here’s your chance to see the green economy in action, meet the leaders in the sustainability movement and catch an insider’s look at how green businesses operate. You’ll have the chance to talk to green certified business owners and entrepreneurs from various industries including restaurants, housing, service providers, entertainment and manufacturing.

East Bay Green Tour
Rasa Travel
Call/email for locations and more info.

Super Soul Sundays-David Harness 40th Birthday Party

You only come this way once and for the Big 4-0 San Francisco house Music legend David Harness brought in a little back up. In addition to the usual lineup of funky house residents, Harness called in the big guns from Back East-“Little” Louie Vega, of house music’s original super group, Masters at Work. Together Harness and Vega have over 40 years in the game and with influences varying from Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra to Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes and the Jackson Five, expect a night of smooth mixing, classic anthems and 4/4 tribal madness.

David Harness w/Louie Vega
$20/ $10 before 11
540 Howard St. San Francisco

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