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1/30 O Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on January 30, 2009

Friday, Jan. 30


Patty Labelle, Nona Hendrix and Sarah Dash=pure soul royalty and their name is mythic in most musical circles. For sure due to the mega success of Ms. Patti herself, but also because of the shear dopeness of her eponymous Afrofuturist soul outfit. While their song “Lady Marmalade” (yes, the “Voulez-vous” song) was their most popular, the entire catalog is a banging melodic mix of R&B, rock and funk penned mostly by the oh so amazing Hendrix. Now with the release of the 1st album of original material in 32 years the ladies are back in the limelight and if early reviews are any indication, they’re still on top of their game.

$49.50 – $95
Paramount Theatre
2025 Broadway, Oakland
(510) 893-2300


Fresh Jamz 1 year anniversary

It’s the 1 year anniversary of this popular monthly happy hour and DJ Odiaka wants to thank all the people who’ve made it a success for the last 365. Odiaka is joined on the decks honight by DJ Delgado while My-Linh Nguyen creates live chalk drawings. There’ll be plenty of Fresh Jamz merch on hand and the winners of the FreshJamz sticker contest will be announced.

DJ Odiaka’s Fresh Jams Happy Hour
Parkway Lounge
1850 Park Blvd. Oakland

We Love the Town

Time for another We Love the Town, the monthly Oakland love fest with DJs Zita and Dmadness. They’ll be spinning hip hop, reggae, dancehall,and Oakland sounds. And make sure to get there early for free goodies from Oakbook and Oaklandish.

We Love the Town
2221 Broadway (at Grand)

Best Sex Writing 2009

You know you want to go, and all your friends will be there too, so why front? While some are slow to admit it, the success of this wildly popular series (and spin offs covering everything from oral sex to sex in hotels) proves that while the publishing industry in general is in the toilet, smut still sells. At least quality smut. Far from just the usual stroke stories, the writers of BSW cover everything from the gender politics of a one night stand to the correct way to tie up your partner. And Rachel Kramer Bussel, this year’s editor, is delightfully kinky in her own right so tonight’s reading should leave everyone in the audience all hot and bothered.

Best Sex Writing 2009
Good Vibrations
2504 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley

Saturday, Jan. 31

Spirit, Sound & Silence Retreat

Facilitated by Dr. Liza Rankow, noted educator, researcher and director of The Onelife Institute, this daylong retreat offers attendees the chance to get away from it all and just focus on being still. Attendees are invited to walk through the meditation labyrinth, listen to lectures by mystics of various faiths, indulge in sessions of intentional silence and guided visioning or listen and meditate to music provided by harpist Destiny Muhammad.

Spirit, Sound & Silence Retreat
$35-100 Sliding scale no one turned away for lack of funds
10am-4pm (9:30am arrival & registration)
Holy Redeemer Center
8945 Golf Links Rd. Oakland

Aaron Glantz and Norman Solomon

Aaron Glantz’ new book “The War Comes Home: Washington’s Battle Against America’s Veterans” is the first to systematically document the government’s neglect of soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Glantz reported extensively from Iraq during the first three years of the war, and has been reporting on the plight of veterans ever since. He’s joined by Norman Solomon, author and executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy.

Aaron Glantz with Norman Solomon
First Congregational Church of Oakland
2501 Harrison St, Oakland

Love Can Build a Bridge

Director Kevin Killian’s plays have been compared to “Christopher Guest collaborating with Bertolt Brecht on a Lifetime Original Movie script.” His latest play, written with Karla Milosevich, re-imagines the last days of artist Donald Judd as a fiery reunion of the entire Judd clan-estranged wife Naomi Judd and their chubby daughter Wynonna; Ashley Judd, a bitter Hollywood action star battling her addiction to Morgan Freeman, and Judd Nelson, the artist’s illegitimate son brought up by Native peoples and practicing secret Indian rainmaking ceremonial rituals. Hmmm, ooo-kaay. The performance is in conjunction with the exhibition “Bending the Word / MATRIX 226.”

Love Can Build a Bridge
2626 Bancroft Way, Berkeley

Imagining our Future

Right on the heels of their packed inauguration night party, Yerba Buena continues it’s series of “Big “Idea” events with tonight’s bash. “Imagining our Future” celebrates forward thinking artists and visionaries including those featured in the current “Transpop” exhibit and the genre bending musicians from Surya Dub and Non Stop Bhangra, both who’ll be performing with the Dholrythms Dancers. There’ll also be tarot card, I-ching and palm readings and screenings of short Korean and Vietnamese films. The party’s free but RSVP’s are highly recommended.

Imagining our Future
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
701 Mission Street, San Francisco

Rock, Art & Hip Hop

Original Sessions began as a traveling NYC film and music series in 2002, with its home base at the Times Square Arts Center. Thereafter, the crew launched the OS Art House as a venue to host artists, musicians, and filmmakers. 6 years later they’re making waves with Rah Rah Rah, a monthly music and art series with a focus on rock, hip hop, visual and handcrafted arts. This month’s show features rock/rap performances by Triple Ave Ft. DJ Scotty Doo & Christine Banks (Progressive Hip-Hop), Bray (Rock/Pop/Visual), Shannon Bryant (Bossa Nova), The Cuban Cowboys (Cuban Surf Rock) and graphic/visual arts, jewelry and clothing by: R.H.A, Meesh Meesh Designs and Lioness Jewelry.

Rock, Art & Hip Hop
The Rockit Room
406 Clement St., San Francisco CA


All this buzz and no album to call your own. Such is the plight of next big thing Washington DC native MC Wale. The 1st rapper to make big noise from the nation’s capital and the district’s most well known urban music export since Chuck Brown, Wale has been burning up the mix tape and guest spot scene for the last couple of year’s. He first gained international shine with his 2007 remix of Justice’s “D.AN.C.E.” and flipped it into a series of successful mix tapes. While he’s been inundated with offers to sign to just about every major label under the son, for the moment it seems that the Go Go tinged lyricist is content to be an underground sensation. Come see what all the fuss is about as he’s joined by UCB, Blu and Exile.

444 Jesse St., San Francisco

Sunday, Feb. 1

The CommuniTree Festival

The goal of this 3 day a festival of workshops, lectures and round table discussions is to create a movement of positive social change through arts, ecology, and healing traditions. The series of events features prominent leaders and speakers in the green and social justice movements paired with forward thinking artists and creators. Today’s panel discussion, “Creativity & Leadership in times of Conflict” features Zakiya Harris (Global Exchange/Grind for the Green); Favianna Rodriguez (Tumis); Abel Henry (Quantum Soul Radio); Galen Peterson (Art in Action/Turf Unity) and Alli Chagi-Starr (Green for All/Art in Action). Music will be provided by Fiyawata,Giving Tree, SpiritWalker, Cleome, Orukusaki, Knowa Knowone, and more. There’ll also be Live Art by Andreas One, Mama Wisdom, Aaron EzRa Ableman, Phillip Feel Eye, and Leif Wold. Check the website for a complete schedule of events.

Communitree panel and performance
1317 San Pablo St, Berkeley

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