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2/20 O-Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on February 20, 2009

Friday, Feb. 20

An Evening with Stew: Alone and Unguarded

The last couple of years have been good ones for Stew, and we’re not talking about the tasty chunky soup. The LA singer songwriter, with a long history of performing in Oakland, struck gold last year with his play “Passing Strange.” The semi autobiography, which got it’s start at the Berkeley Rep, follows a young man on his search for identity-through the Baptist church, through experiments with drugs and sex, and of course, through a stint as a free spirited anarchist nomad in Amsterdam’s coffee shops and Germany’s punk rock squats. After making it’s way to the Big Apple the show became an instant success-Tony Awards, extended runs, trips to Sundance and a new biopic by Spike Lee. He’s taking a break from the spotlight tonight for a “solo acoustic-ish thing” that should remind fans why they fell in love with the piano playing funny man, whose music fall somewhere between Ben Folds Five and Darius Rucker.

An Evening with Stew: Alone and Unguarded
Oakland Metro Operahouse
630 3rd St. Oakland

The Shed w/Valerie Troutt

Hey, got chops? I mean can you really swing your ax? I mean can you play, dammit! Well if so than come prove you’ve got musical game at this open jam session presented by Valerie Troutt and her Fear of a Fat Planet crew. Troutt and her band of future soul explorers kick off the night with a showcase at 9pm and then open up the floor to all you bad ass musicians. Open to all-keys, bass, drums, horns, hand claps, guitars, singers and the generally funky!

The Shed w/Valerie Troutt
Divinity Voice music & arts
3609 Maple Ave Oakland
photo by Wan Lee

Paper Jam

The Paper Jams are regular family friendly open studio sessions were kids and adults dip into the creative process and use art to explore various social justice topics with the help of a team of professional artists and community activists. Tonight’s session includes video screenings, music by Audiopharmacy, an open mic, and a workshop/exploration of the Prison-industrial complex by the Community Justice Network for Youth.

Paper Jam
Galeria de la Raza
2857 24th St.
San Francisco, CA
415 /826 8009

Saturday, Feb. 21

The Power of Personal Voice: Women’s Journaling Workshop

From Ann Frank to Anais Nin women have kept diaries to reflect, preserve and share the stories of their lives, as forums for self-expression, tools for coping and healing, and as safe havens in difficult times. Women of all ages and experience levels are invited to explore the legacy of journaling from early memoir writing to current blogs. Participants will share their work, create new pieces and discuss the power of the medium.

The Power of Personal Voice: Women’s Journaling Workshop
Room B
The Women’s Building
3543 18th Street

Visual Arts Town Hall

The Present Group, everyone’s favorite Oakland art by mail service, is hosting this “Visual Arts Townhall” to discuss ways the government can influence and support local art production. Moderated by curator Joseph del Pesco, the meeting will is a chance for artists, gallerists, political figures including David Huff (Program Coordinator/Curator Pro Arts), V Smoothe (“A Better Oakland” blog Editor ), Mike Bianco (Queens Nails Projects), Christian L. Frock(Invisible Venue), Kerri Johnson (Blankspace Gallery) Svea Lin Vezzone (Swarm Gallery) and artists Amy Balkin, Steven Barich (Artopic.org), Helena Keeffe, Aaron Gach, Chris Sollars, David Stein.

Visual Arts Town Hall
465 Ninth St. Oakland, CA 94607

40th Street Corridor Art

Can’t wait ’til Art Murmur to get your monthly art fix? Then head over to 40th St. for this combo gallery walk/treasure hunt. Pick up your Art Quest treasure map at one of the galleries. Hike round to each spot looking for booty, or at least a little “40th Street Corridor Art Quest” stamp. Don’t forget to check out the art while you’re there, including drawings from Matt Decker at ISSUES and Sculptural Installation by Derek Weisberg at Rowan Morrison. Then leave the map at the last gallery on your list for a chance to score gift certificates from participating shops.

40th Street Corridor Art Quest
ISSUES, Manifesto, Premium, & Rowan Morrison

Electric Relaxation

Catch DJ NeoGeo of Canned Beats party rockin’ tonight along with Max Kane of 4onefunk. You know the drill-beautiful people, old school hip hop, R&B, soul.

Electric Relaxation
Easy Lounge
3255 Lakeshore Ave. Oakland

Sunday, Feb. 22

The Men’s Story Project: Building Strength, Creating Peace

Filmed at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley with a standing-room-only audience, “Building Strength, Creating Peace” follows the debut presentation of the Men’s Story Project-a new performance/dialogue project examining social ideas about masculinity for the purpose of social change. This performance project highlighted 16 Bay Area artists, activists, and first-time presenters, ages 22-60, sharing stories about their lives through slam poetry, monologues, music and dance. The range of stories varies from platonic love between men and images of African American masculinity to men’s public restroom rituals and transgender identity and gender fluidity. This screening is in conjunction with the San Francisco Indiefest.

The Men’s Story Project: Building Strength, Creating Peace
Shattuck Theater Berkeley
2230 Shattuck St
Berkeley , CA 94704

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