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3/27 O-Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on March 27, 2009

Friday, March 27

The Den Grand Opening

Since the swanky new Fox has been receiving so much love since it opened a few weeks ago, it’s likely that The Den, the Fox’s plus new lounge-next-door will rank equally high among the music and cocktail luvin’ set. And after recent events, in the Town, couldn’t we all use a stiff drink-expertly mixed-and a few after 5 tunes? Make your way down to The Den’s grand opening tonight, get friendly with the bartenders, stake out your new favorite pre show booth and dig a set by Mr Supreme Abilities himself, DJ Aeble Dee, spinning a mix of hip hop, soul and funk.

The Den Grand Opening



The Den at the Fox Theater

1807 Telegraph Ave. Oakland


Thom Pain (based on nothing) 

“Beckett for the John Stewart Generation”? Okay I’ll bite. This one man, hour and change monologue has been getting rave reviews from everybody and their momma’s and just got an extended run over at the Cutting Ball, so the signs are good. Written by Will Eno the play stars Jonathan Bock stars as Thom Pain, on a search through the wreckage of his life to uncover the remains of his childhood. Something tells me it’s not a happy story.

Thom Pain (based on nothing) 



The EXIT on Taylor

277 Taylor St.

San Francisco, CA 94102


The Mae Shi

Taking DIY to a new level, L.A. noise rockers The Mae Shi have been together since 2002 and self-released several recordings with a blend of Casio beats, spazzy drums, boogie guitar, distorted caveman bass, and throat-destroying vocals. They’re on tour for the latest release the blissfully, uncategorizable and unpronounceable “HLLLYH.” Get it while it’s free.

The Mae ShiFree
Amoeba Berkeley
2455 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

Saturday, March 28

Jon Ginoli Deflowered: My Life in Pansy Division

Punk rock was built on foundation of nonconformity, DIY aesthetics and giving a big one finger salute to oppressive mainstream ideology.  So a queer punk band, that regularly peppers it’s song with tales of boy/boy lovin should be right at home right?  Nah, not so much.  “Deflowered” the autobiography of Jon Ginoli, founder of Pansy Division, tells the story.  Here from the man himself about the good times and the bad that naturally come with being the first nationally recognized openly gay punk band.  And as a treat, Jon’s performing a special accoustic set after the reading.
Jon Ginoli Deflowered: My Life in Pansy Division
Book Zoo
6395 Telegraph, Oakland

Power Up America 

After their online organizing and fund raising efforts helped kick some serious McAss on election night, the knights of the Moveon.org round table are off to slay the next political dragon.  This time they’re gearing up to do battle with the fire breathing beastie known as Big Oil.  Wielding the mighty Sword Of Green Jobs, the mighty army is all set to get busy, as soon as they recruit a few more foot soldiers.  Meet up with the local organizers of Moveon’s new Power Up America campaign at this sweet new yoga studio and find out what you can do to help end the tyrannical reign of this oil spewing hydra.  Chain Mail and trusty steeds optional.  
Power Up America 
1:30 PM
square one yoga collective
4336-a San Pablo Ave
Emeryville, CA 94608
(510) 547-9700

Yes Yes Ya’ll: I Love the 90’s Edition

I’d be pissed if this wasn’t such a worthwhile event.  The nerve of these young pups-having a 90’s night like it’s retro r something.  Dammit that was my decade!!  The years of Wu Tang, Tribe Called Quest and Dr. Dre, Life after Death, The Chronic and Illmatic-those were the classic makin’ years!
Which, I guess, is why this event’s should be dope.  That and the fact that it’s for a great cause.  Beats Rhymes and Life is an Oakland based group of social workers and counselors who use hip hop aesthetics as an avenue to deliver culturally sensitive programs to at risk youth.   The event tonight is a fundraiser featuring all of your favorite Bay DJ’s and hood famous hip hop heads including DJ Phatrick up from LA, Wonway Posibul and Prince Aries a special video DJ set by DJ Haylow and live percussions Jaz Sawyer.
Yes Yes Ya’ll: I Love the 90’s Edition
Free before 10:30, $10 after
Shattuck Down Low
Sunday, March 29


It seems like everyone’s got a story or two about the homeTown girl with the silky voice and tricky name. Either you had a crush on her in high school, you remember her from the old school open mic days or she made you realize that The Town’s music isn’t all Too $hort and scrapers. Come check out Oakland’s favorite R&B, jazz, hip hop, cool-as-helldiva on her last night of a 3 day run at Yoshi’s.

7 & 9pm
Yoshi’s Oakland
510 Embarcadero West
Jack London Square
Oakland, CA 94607


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