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4/3 O-Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on April 3, 2009

Friday, April 3

First Fridays After Five

Head over to the Oakland Museum’s First Friday’s shindig for tunes by jazz sax man Ric Alexander and his band 2wo 4our 1ne then grab a seat in the theater for the 6th annual EarthDance film festival. The collection of short films celebrates the relationship between nature, culture, people and the natural world, and screens twice throughout the night. Stop by early for a 5pm talk by Gerald Henig, CSU East Bay professor emeritus of history, who’ll explain ways we can look at Abraham Lincoln’s presidency as a blueprint for navigating the current political climate.

First Fridays After Five
Oakland Museum of California
1000 Oak St. Oakland

Ferment Change: A celebration of Urban Agriculture, Food Justice

This annual fund raiser for West Oakland’s City Slicker Farms is a celebration of community, urban agriculture, food justice and fermented foods. The event highlights the work of City Slicker Farms’ “Backyard Garden Program”, and will feature local food activists, a fermented food and drink potluck, a fermentation workshop, live music, a City Slicker Farms plant sale and a presentation on international urban agriculture and food politics.

Ferment Change: A celebration of Urban Agriculture, Food Justice
Humanist Hall
411 28th Street, Oakland

Swarm 3rd Year Anniversary Show

Big things over at Swarm tonight. To celebrate their 3rd year anniversary the gallery opens 3 new shows tonight-a group exhibition and solo shows by John Casey and Don Porcella. While Regime Change group show celebrates the reality of new era in Washington the other two step a lot lighter with Casey serving up oddball ink drawings and Porcella crafting fine, funny pipe cleaner sculptures. Check out a preview of the show by Theo Konrad Auer over here

Swarm 3rd Year Anniversary Show
Swarm Gallery
560 Second Street

A Celebration for Geoffrey Pete

When Geoffrey’s closed its doors a couple of weeks ago it was truly the end of an era. Old time Oaklanders will tell you how, in the early 90’s downtown Oakland was one of the few places in the Bay that catered to Hip Hop and R&B clubs. Over the years as the neighborhood changed and one by one the clubs shut their doors, Geoffrey’s “Inner Circle” weathered the storms, serving as both an a event space, nightclub and community center. Tonight friends and business partners gather for a final drink and a look back through the years. The event is hosted by artist Raymond Saunders.

A Celebration for Geoffrey Pete
Joyce Gordon Gallery
406 14th St, Oakland

The Phenomenauts, Peelander Z, The Secretions and Tabaltix

Ashkenaz opens up the doors and the dancefloor for a night of sci fi ska and punk from 4 distincly spacey bands. To get an idea of the the Phenomenauts sound just “imagine if the Kinks, the Ventures, Stray Cats and Devo were galactic pioneers and joined forces to defend earth’s right to ‘rocket roll.” NY’s Peelander-Z describes their music as Japanese Action Comic Punk, and they’ve got the costumes and wild ass stage show to prove it. The title of The Secretions’ new CD says all you need to know about their music-Greasyhotmeatcheezy, while Healdsburg’s Tabaltix describes themselves as “psychobilly at its worst” even though I kinda liked them. In a freaky, rockabilly, punkish kind of way of course.

The Phenomenauts, Peelander Z, The Secretions and Tabaltix
1317 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley

Saturday, April 4

Richmond Youth Sports Camp

Now that Spring’s here it’s time to get out and get active. To encourage kids to get outside and away from the computers and video games the city of Richmond is sponsoring this day long sports camp for youth from 5-18. Baseball, football, Basketball and Soccer games, Cheerleading and various types of music camps will all be in rotation and all participants will walk away with a free T-shirt and prizes.

Richmond Youth Sports Camp
9am-3pm. Registration begins at 9am
Parchester Village Community Center
900 Williams Dr. Richmond

57th Street Gallery Opening

After years of friends and collectors asking to purchase pieces from private collection Bay Area businessman and entrepreneur Floyd Pellom finally decided to make it official and open his own gallery. The space will feature rotating exhibits from both Mr. Pellom’s collection and emerging artists. The inaugural show features the work of Lavirille Aber, a portrait artist and sculptor who’s work ranges from reproductions of famous 19th century pieces to portraits of famous musicians and entertainers.

57th Street Gallery Opening
5701 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

Bay Area Black Comedy Competition and Awards

There’s funny peculiar, there’s funny ha ha, then there’s roll on the floor, slap your uncle, “that boy a crazy” hilarious. The finalists of this year’s Bay Area Black Comedy Competition fall squarely into the latter category. Check out the yucks and get there early to honor the winners of the 2009 Inspired Artists Awards including artist Ron Smith, gallery owner Darrell Robinson, Poet Ise Lyfe and violinist Tarika Lewis.

Bay Area Black Comedy Competition and Awards
5pm Awards, 8pm Competition
Oakland Paramount Theatre
2025 Broadway St. Oakland

Mission Art & Performance Project

Oakland’s got the Art Murmur, San Francisco’s got MAPP. For this bi monthly, multidisciplinary arts event, dozens of the Mission’s galleries, collectives and creative spaces open their doors for performances that range from street theater and performances to art openings and poetry readings. Standouts on the tour are the live performances at the Red Poppy Art House, the politically inspired art over at Galeria de la Raza and whatever craziness the Million Fishes Collective can dream up.

Mission Art & Performance Project
Various locations
Mission District San Francisco

Sunday, April 5

Poetry Flash Reading

The poetry cheerleaders of Poetry Flash presents an evening of reading from 3 of the luminaries of the Beat Generation-Diane di Prima, whose “Revolutionary Letters” has just been reprinted, Michael McClure, the Obie Award winning poet, playwright and essayist, and prolific poet, Kabbalist and jazz guitarist David Meltzer.

Poetry Flash Reading
5433 College Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618

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