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4/10 O-Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on April 10, 2009

Friday, April 10

Landmark After Dark: Wildcat Women

If you missed the 3-d raunch last year, you’re in luck because tonight the Piedmont Theatre is bringing back the ever so popular 3D porn screenings! This time they’re showing Wildcat Women, a choice bit of vintage ’70’s cinema that features an ass kicking cast that would put Charlie’s Angels to shame. There’s kung fu! There’s cheesy music! There’s afros! And yes, there’s lots and LOTS of 3 dimensional gettin’ it on. 3-d glasses provided. I mean is there really any question where you’ll be midnight tonight?

Wildcat Women
Piedmont Theatre
4186 Piedmont Ave Oakland

Valerie Troutt

For tonight’s first set, Red Poppy resident artist and vocalist Valerie Troutt will sing a series of duets featuring each musician in her band-the Fear of the Fat Planet Crew-including bass, drums and piano. During the second set the full band will play Valerie’s jazz soul inspired originals. This concert will be recorded and videotaped for promotional use for Valerie’s upcoming debut album, prepare for a future. Valerie Troutt and the Fear of the Fat Planet Crew explore R&B standards, house grooves, and original jazz soul compositions.

Valerie Troutt
7:30 Doors, 8pm show
Red Poppy Art House
2698 Folsom St., San Francisco

Pecha Kucha Night

You know the format: 10 artists/20 slides/20 seconds. A round robin art show by some of Oakland’s most talented creators. Join EastSide Arts Alliance, Samurai Graphix, and Hard Knock Radio as they present the work of K-Dub (2009 Oaklandish Innovators Award Winner) and Favianna Rodriguez (the Oaklandish 2009 Arts-in-Action Grant Winner) and others.

Pecha Kucha Night
EastSide Cultural Center
2277 International Blvd.Oakland


Mosswood Easter Egg Hunt

A fun time for the kiddies featuring face painting, a petting zoo, jumpers, raffles, live music and all the multicolored eggs you can eat. As long as you find them first. Fun for the whole family.

Mosswood Easter Egg Hunt
Mosswood Park
3612 Webster St., Oakland

Diversifying Hip-Hop: Krip-Hop & Homo-Hop

“Diversifying Hip-Hop: Krip-Hop & Homo Hop” is the first ever panel/performance event highlighting two upcoming movements in Hip-Hop: Krip-Hop (Hip-Hop by artists with disabilities) and Homo-Hop (Hip-Hop by artists who are queer). The program is packed with performances, film screenings and workshops featuring queer and differently abled hip hop heads. Some of the standouts include screenings of Kathleen Kiley’s “Halfasoulja” and Alex Hinton’s “Pick Up The Mic: The Revolution of Homohop”; live performances by George “Tragic” Doman, the King of Handicap-Hop and Oakland’s NaR and a talk by Juba Kalamka, who served as curator/director of PeaceOUT World HomoHop Festival from 2002-2007.

Diversifying Hip-Hop: Krip-Hop & Homo-Hop
Worth Ryder Gallery
116 Kroeber Hall, U.C. Berkeley

Damond Moodie

Damond Moodie plays music because try as he might, the songs keep finding him. Music is always in his head and he says the poetic melodies and acoustc strumming offer a freedom noe found anywhere else. Check out this up and coming singer/songwriter while sipping one of L’Amyx’s choice teas.

Damond Moodie
L’Amyx Tea Bar
4179 Piedmont Ave., Oakland

Save The Boobies

This event’s a no brainer. I mean how can you not love boobies? Either you’ve got ’em, want em or have snuggled up with a set at some point in your life. And a lot of us can’t wait for that next snuggle session. So when the Stork Club announced this breast cancer benefit all Saturday night plans were put on pause. The night features Lilofee’s thrash metal, trip hop beats from Rondo Bros and JC of LifeMusicLove Radio holding down the decks. And of course there’ll be a wet T-shirt contest.

Save The Boobies
Stork Club
2330 Telegraph, Oakland

Rhythm (Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts)

Multi-instrumentalist, DJ & Producer Simbad is all about creating great music. His incredibly wide range as a producer spans from big band jazz to heavy Jamaican dancehall via bouncy hip-hop to sick broken-beat & techno. The man’s a legend in the production world and his catalogue is as deep as it is diverse. Sinbad’s work with artists ranging from Tony Allen and Karizma to Bugz in the Attic and Talvin Singh. He’s joined tonight by Oakland beatmaster Be Brown and Fresco’s resident soulman DJ Hakobo for a night of dancefloor shakin’, butt movin’ beat madness.

Rhythm (Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts)
Project One
251 Rhode Island St.


Free day at the Museum and Architecture Tour

The Oakland Museum’s free all day today so stop by at 1 for a guided tour of the grounds and an architectural look at the building itself. Did you know the museum was designed by a Pritzker Prize winner? Me either. Find out loads of other interesting facts and check out the featued exhibitions: The African Presence in Mexico, The Future of Sequoias and work by Squeak Carnwath.

Free day at the Museum
Oakland Museum of California
1000 Oak St., Oakland


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