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4/24 O Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on April 24, 2009

Friday, April 24


Special Delivery

Stickers were so much fun when we were kids, remember? We’d slap ’em on our notebooks, on our furniture, on each other, all with that gleeful joy of kidness. As you get older though stickers can be a bit more polarizing. Somewhere between artistic expression, political protest and street level culture jamming, the sticker art movement has just as many fans as it does detractors. Well tonight come check out some slaps at a venue that actually encourages you to write on the walls. The show will feature all your favorites, seen daily on mailboxes, trash bins and street signs around the Bay including Pez, Gats, Starpig, Deadeyes, Safety First, Turnip, Destn, Enor, Grow and over 30 other artsy trouble makers from around the world. Bring a camera to capture all your faves and a blank shirt to get silkscreened. There’ll be a keg on tap for the early birds. But these are street artists we’re talking about, so get there really early.

Special Delivery
Triple2Seven Gallery
2227 International Blvd


Tonight’s the first MilkBar of ’09 and we’re pretty sure there won’t be any roaming droogs and bouts of ultraviolence, but the night does promise some great performances at this kinda low key E. Oakland art warehouse. The show for the night includes a site specific sonic installation by Heather Frasch and Afrooz Family, a new improv piece from paige starling sorvillo with live music, JoAnn Selisker’s surreal physical theater vignettes and Andrew Lyndon screening clips from his new animation in progress, care for the caretaker.

Sunshine Biscuit Factory Complex
Studio #223, Oakland

Night at the Met

This party celebrates the publication of “Night at the Met,” the new book by photographer and proffessor, Larry Fink. Fink’s work includes celebrity snapshots, man on the street images and commissioned photojournalism and commercial project (he has some amazing Obama pics). Susan Kismaric, MOMA’s Associate Curator says his photos “are like the stage in a darkened theater. His hand-held flash splendidly illuminates the details of the drama before us and reveals the nuance of the personal moment.” Fink has received two Guggenheim fellowships, two National Endowment for the Arts grants and has had one-man exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York and the SF MOMA. Cocktail Attire recommended.

Reception for Larry Fink’s Night at the Met
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism
105 North Gate Hall
Hearst & Euclid, Berkeley

Saturday, April 25

Hood Games 15: “Love Yo Mama” Earth Day

The Spring’s here and K Dub and the gang from Town Park are breaking out the decks and half pipes for their 4th year and 15th installment of Hood Games. There’ll be all the usual skate ramps, musical performances, contests and giveaways and this time the games have a hitting the green scene so come prepared to do a little clean up and yard work in between those nosegrinds and kickflips.

Hood Games 15
Free, $1 rec. donation
Acorn Woodland Elementary
1025 81st E. Oakland

Drum Circle Generations

If you’ve ever been within few blocks of the Malonga Center on a weekend morning, or checked out any of the regular jam sessions around the area you know The Town’s drummers slap some serious skin. This special performance brings the area’s best players from several generations and styles from jazz to traditional African percussion. Featured performers include Babatunde Lea, Savannah Harris, Denzel Merrit, Ayinde Webb and Jaz Sawyer.

Drum Circle Generations
Oakland Public Conservatory of Music
$25 Gen. $15 students
1616 Franklin Street
Oakland, California 94612

The Other Side of a Smile

A super huge, creative smorgasbord of music, art, and design featuring Christopher Burch, Ricardo Richey, Justin Tolentino (shelovedmenot and jones mural), Stan Chisolm (but one more and home and me), John Felix Arnorld III Ryan Verzaal (fuck it 1and2), Ryan Hendon Shawn Webber (The Oyster Pirates), Bryan Walsh, Pete Walleger (adam), Corey D. Ryan, Johnson Vito, Money aka. Black Spade, Greedy Genius Shoes, and sounds by DJ Impekable, DJ Divinity, Aima the Dreamer, Nightprowl and Mike Gao.

The Other Side of a Smile
Club Six
60 6th St., San Francisco

Sunday, April 26

MOCHA party for adults and kids

MOCHA party for adults and kids

MOCHA birthday bash

Did someone say beer and wine for the parents and t-shirt coloring for the kids? We’re there. MOCHA, the venerable Museum of Children’s art in Old Oakland celebrates its 20th anniversary Sunday afternoon with a big bash. Stop by the free event and snag an annual membership for only $65 month. That’s about $1.20 a week for unlimited annual drop-ins and discounts on art camps and birthday parties.

MOCHA’s 20th birthday bonanza
Sunday, April 26, 12 pm to 5 pm
538 9th Street

StaceyAnn Chin

Spoken word poet and writer StaceyAnn Chin is one of slam poetry’s old guard. After bumrushing the New York slam scene in the mid 90’s with a bat outta hell delivery, this outspoken, small-in-size-only, poetic sparkplug carved a huge space in the spoken word scene for queer/Asian/African/female political identity. She’s been killing stages ever since, ranging from performances on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam to tours throughout the US and Europe and having her writing featured everywhere from the New York Times to “60 Minutes.” Chin will be reading from her new memoir “The Other Side of Paradise.”

StaceyAnn Chin
4 pm
950 30th St. Oakland

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