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5/15 O-Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on May 15, 2009

Friday, May 15

3rd Annual Oakland Indie Awards

Show your Town pride tonight at the 3rd annual Oakland Indie Awards. This best of Oakland event celebrates small businesses and artists in Oakland that have a positive social or environmental impact on our community. Nominees are made by the community and have highlighted some of the best and most innovative people and businesses in the city including K Dub’s Town Park Skatepark, Pandora Radio and even *ahem* lil’ old Oakbook. There’s a full program of performances and presentations on tap for tonight and since it’s at the Crucible, expect lots of fire, both on the stage and in the crowd.

3rd Annual Oakland Indie Awards
5:30  8:30pm
The Crucible
1260 7th St. Oakland


Since killing the R&B scene with his 2001 debut 1st Born Second, crooner Bilal’s career has faced a series of wrong turns that, while frustrating the hell out of fans, has given the enigmatic soul man/experimentalist almost martyr status in certain circles: this is what happens when you’re too talented and unclassifiable for a major label. Well after popping up on several B-sides and singles over the years Bilal’s back to take the soul music crown. Catch the return of the king tonight at Maxwell’s.

The Collective presents Bilal
Maxwell’s Lounge
341 13th St, Oakland

On Love & Other Difficulties

This series of seven experimental short videos by Berkeley “Paratheatre” director and astrologist Antero Alli explore the themes of love, friendship, lust and solitude. These works have either never or rarely screened in the SF area before and Alli will be on hand to discuss the meanings and imagery found in each. Featured in tonight’s program feature “Lily in Limbo” (text by Hilda Doolittle), “Fears” (text by Rainer Maria Rilke), “Bombs & Prayers” (text by Rob Brezsny), “Black Sea” (text by Antero Alli) and “Motion” (text by Arthur Rimbaud) plus two improvised works involving couples, “Roadkill” and “Inertia”, who open the doors to love and other difficulties.

On Love & Other Difficulties
21 Grand
416 25th St.Oakland

Book Zoo Benefit Show

It’s tough times for book stores all over the country, so what better time to have a party! The Book Zoo crew are holding a fundraiser in their own honor, with proceeds going to a very worthy cause: keeping the Book Zoo lights on and the literary love flowing. Tonight’s show features a lineup of experimental and acoustic, performance and poetry including annah, Adhamh Roland, Alex Safron, Encian and ianna hawkins owen.

Book Zoo Benefit Show
The Book Zoo
6395 Telegraph St. Oakland

Ground Control

Ground Control is Joseph Smolinski’s first solo show on the West Coast and tonight he’s debuting several new works from graphite on paper to sculpture-based installations and video. Smolinski’s work contemplates the intersection between technological advancement and naturally occurring phenomena, mixed with a curious awe of nature. Images of trees permeate his work both as religious, political and personal symbols and as means to question technology and the future of the natural world.

Ground Control
Swarm Gallery
560 Second Street, Oakland CA 94607
Tel 510-839-2787

Saturday, May 16

The Real Greek Experience

A couple of Greek Pastries (Glyko), and then a couple of sprints around the dance floor. A savory lamb sandwich followed by a stroll through the rich marketplace (Agora). It’s the Greek way – everything in moderation. This weekend you can Greek out on three days of authentic culture with a simple trip into the Oakland Hills. There are events on tap for the whole family from food vendors to dance classes and performances.

The Real Greek Experience
$6 adults, 12 and under Free
Friday: 10am- 11pm, Saturday: 10am-11pm, Sunday: 11am-9pm
Ascension Cathedral
4700 Lincoln Ave. Oakland

Asian Heritage Street Celebration

Muay Thai kickboxing, “jcars”, carnival rides and games, Indian, Filipino, Korean and Chinese cuisine, and tons of music and performances mark this year’s huge Asian Heritage Celebration. Taking an extremely broad cultural view this all day fest promises everything from the Miss National Asia Pageant to a performance by MC Lyrics Born and Joyo Velarde.

Asian Heritage Street Celebration
Civic Center to Little Saigon, San Francisco

The Mutaytor

Six months after stealing the show at the sold out Sea of Dreams NYE party, the massive 30 piece musical beast known as The Mutaytor is back in town with a whole new bag of mutated musical treats. Equal parts cabaret, electronics and flashing lights and good ol’ fashioned rock show, Mutaytor’s shows are always punctuated with high flying performers, crazy light shows and fire. Lots of fire.

The Mutaytor w/BreakScience ft Adam Deitch
444 Jessie St, San Francisco


Sunday, May 17

ING Bay to Breakers

So supposedly the Grand Imperial Haters of Fun have been making it hot for all things groovy and quirky across the bay in SF. The latest dust up has been over Bay to Breakers-everyone’s favorite yearly excuse to get tipsy, dress up like a 6 ft tall hot dog and run across the city with your condiment clad friends. A few months back “city leaders” tried to pull the “responsible” card by banning alcohol, floats and costumes from the course which is, technically an actual marathon. But fear not, there is fun to be had, kegs to be drained, and a 5 foot tall jar of mustard that’s going to be really upset if things don’t go over as planned. I won’t get specific, but I’m pretty sure the mustard won’t be lonely long.

Bay to Breakers
Race 8am, Afterparty 9:30am-2pm
Golden Gate Park Polo Field
Spreckels Lake/36th Ave, San Francisco

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