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5/29 O-Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on May 29, 2009

Friday, May 29



It’s pronounced “euphoric” as in: this fundraiser for everyone’s favorite unitarian church promises to be a euphoric all night bash that’ll free your mind, your ass and your spirit.  DJs Amit Shoham and BradElectro are locking the doors and pulling out the stops for an overnight church lock-in like you ain’t never seen. There’ll be beats (house, funk, hiphop and space disco), there’ll be bliss (aka guided meditation and yoga) there’ll be B-roll, (an all night movie room), there’ll be banter (special convo rooms and sessions) and of course, since it’s an all night affair, there’ll be…duhduhduh-breakfast! Come get some enlightenment at this community sleepover where sleep is the absolute last thing on people’s minds.

8pm 5/29-12pm 5/30 (Guests may attend the whole event, or may buy passes for any portion of the event)
First Unitarian Church of Oakland
685 14th St., Oakland

OUTFLUX: Sounds from the Great Beyond

Flux 53 Theater opened a few months back in the same building as the reknowed but sadly defunct Egypt Theater, and the building’s new tenants have been working hard to fill some incredibly large artistic shoes. In keeping with the Egypt’s philosophy of community participation, Flux has opened it’s doors to several East Oakland community artists and musicians in the hopes of keeping the sweet music going. Tonight is the second installation of their ongoing series of improvisatory adventures. Tonight’s performance features sets by improv masters The Deconstruction of What You Know: Henry Kaiser, Josh Allen, William Winant, and Tim Orr, followed by grooves from lazyboy: Dale Sophiea & Bruce Anderson – “Approximately one half of legendary hard-art combo MX-80.”

OUTFLUX: Sounds from the Great Beyond
Flux 53
5306 Foothill Blvd, Oakland

We Love the Town

You know the deal: the monthly party to flaunt your town pride to the sounds of Oakland’s best and brightest hip hop, funk and dancehall artists. You know the DJ’s: Town tune cheerleaders and all around sweethearts DJ Zita and Dmadness. You know the venue: Luka’s, where everyone goes to ass shake on at least one night a week. And you know the steez: chill folks, banging beats and a lot of sweaty dancefloor goodness.  Oh, what’s that? You didn’t know? Well now you do. So mosey that booty on down.

We Love The Town
Luka’s Oakland
2221 Broadway, Oakland
http://djzita.com http://deejaydmadness.blogspot.com/

Saturday, May 30

9th Annual Malcolm X Jazz Festival

EastSide’s Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival is one of the last free festivals in Oakland, and pay or no pay, it still puts it down harder than just about any other event in the East Bay. On the main stage check out sets by Howard Wiley and the Freedom Now! Band, Chicano jazz funkateers Fuga, world renowned jazz man and Oakland native David Murray performing with the ESAA Jazz Project and the Abraham Burting Trio, flying in from NYC. And while the main stage draws the big names, it’s a sure bet that you’ll find lots of big talent over at the courts with a rotating lineup of dancers, artists and youth performers.

Malcolm X Jazz Festival
San Antonio Park
18th Ave + Foothill Blvd, Oakland

The Illuminated Corridor

Wrap up warm, stock up on your favorite noshables, pack the FM radio and a carload of friends and head over to Middle Harbor Park for the latest installment of The Illuminated Corridor-Oakland’s own collision of public art, live music and film smack dab in the middle of the Port of Oakland. This latest iteration features work by over 30 film, sound and performance artists, some Corridor regs and some new faces, including works by The Shallow Tide, Building 122, Triangulation, The Subtidal Goals and Port Radio. Get there early (seriously), the gates close when the lot fills, and the lot fills pretty quickly.

The Illuminated Corridor
7 to 9:30pm
Middle Harbor Shoreline Park
7th St. and Middle Harbor Rd. Oakland

Toxic Tour House Party

Did you know that children in West Oakland are seven times more likely to be hospitalized for asthma than the average child in the state of California? Did you know that nearly 82% of West O residents live within 1/8 mile of an industrial area but only 31% can afford the median rent on available housing units? Didn’t know, well now you do. So what are you going to do about it? How about stopping by the Toxic Tour House Party, a fund raiser to support the work of a talented team of multimedia reporters working to uncover everything that’s wrong with West Oakland air quality and health issues. Funds raised will go to hire reporters and fund ongoing projects around this extremely important issue.

Toxic Tour House Party
2825 A Myrtle Street, Oakland

Sunday, May 31

To Evolve & Stay Young

Ross Dance’s latest full program “To Evolve & Stay Young” features a fusion of hip hop movement and contemporary jazz including 2 world premiers and work from critically acclaimed choreographers Barry Webster, Antoine Hunter (Director of Urban Jazz), New Style Motherlode’s “Neopolitan,” and Natasha Johnson and Tecsia Evans. And all you Ross Dance wannabees take note:  performances will be preceded by a meet and greet with the company director and dancers as well as an open Horton Technique class led by Katharina Worthington.

To Evolve & Stay Young
$20 performance $10 dance class
2pm (also 5/30 at 7:30pm)
Laney College Theater
900 Fallon Street, Oakland

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