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2/18 RIP NYT?

Posted by novoscene on February 18, 2009

Is the media dead? Is journalism going the way of the dodo? And if so, who do we blame? Those damned bloggers? Lazy journalists? A TV addicted public?

The media’s not dead. Journalism is going to be around for a long time. And the need for news isn’t going away anytime soon, even though bloated print news orgs are breathing heavier than a 500 pound couch potato doing wind sprints.

The big question is what form will journalism take in the next few years. Projects like Spot.us, Daily Kos and even your humble Oakbook, offer some ideas-smaller niche publications, community funded reporting and solo journalists are all proving that people still need the news.

But do they still need the big news organizations? That’s what New York Times editor Gerald Marzorati and UC Berkeley journalism prof. Mark Danner will be trying to figure out tonight. Will the old grey lady get a face lift or get knocked off the block by a younger, fitter model?

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2/9 Poetry by Moonlight

Posted by novoscene on February 9, 2009

The Bay Area’s longest running lunar literary and performance gathering kicks off its 2009 spring season with a line up of SoCal poet-performers and a special sneak peak of L.A. based Raquel Gutierrez’s (Butchlalis de Panochtitlan) solo show, “Malathion: Low Human Toxicity.”  Other featured readers for the night include Aida Salazar, Leticia Hernandez, Tomas Riley.  Tonight’s salon is guest curated by writer and CCA instructor Vickie Vertriz. Read the rest of this entry »

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12/5 O Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on December 5, 2008

Friday, Dec. 5

Indie Village

EVarize, MuiMui Studios and Destined Nation Media have brought together some of the area’s top designers for this benefit for ALICE (Arts & Literacy In Children’s Education) featuring 25 of the Bay Area’s most decadent and avant-garde Artists and Designers. Find something for everyone on your shopping list with venders selling independent clothing, art, jewelry and health care items. Free wine tasting and buffet along with thevinyl stylings of DJ Lovelee.

Indie Village
$5 donations
Indie Village
481 9th St, Oakland, CA

3rd Annual Jingletown Holiday Art Walk

There’s art all over this weekend and some of the best will be over in Jingletown as the studios open their doors and the galleries get all fancied up for their annual Holiday Art Walk. 29 artists
who live and work in the area will be showcasing work ranging from photography and painting to mixed media and mosaics. The reception takes place Friday night and check the Jingletown website for the locations of all the art.

3rd Annual Jingletown Holiday Art Walk
12/5 Reception: 6-8pm,
Gallery 4:20
Peterson Street, Oakland

12/6-7 Art Walk: 11am-5:30pm

Ruby’s Garden 3rd Annual Holiday Party

The gang from Ruby’s Garden is inviting families to stop by their annual holiday party tonight for
snacks, shopping and good times. Nosh on organic cupcakes by The Cake Ladies, sip drinks from The Wine Mine, enjoy live acapella music by The Kitchenettes and browse Ruby’s selection of ocally-grown children’s clothing and flowers. Bring a new/gently-used book or toy for an Emerson Elementary family and you’ll also receive 20% OFF regular-price purchases that night.

Ruby’s Garden 3rd Annual Holiday Party
Ruby’s Garden Kidwear & Flower Shop
5095 Telegraph Ave. #C, Oakland

The War Behind Me: Vietnam Veterans Confront the Truth about U.S. War Crime

When the Abu Ghraib scandal broke in 2003, the specter of the U.S. government as torturer was put before millions. Many were forced to reconsider their view of America. Land of the free? Home of the brave? In “The War Behind Me”, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Deborah Nelson uncovers proof tham American war crimes are much more involved than the single prison and that Abu Ghraib is far from an isolated case perpetrated by a small group of rogue soldiers. Nelson will be joined by Jamie Henry, a veteran who spoke out against the atrocities he witnessed in Vietnam and testified at the Winter Soldier Investigation in 1971.

The War Behind Me
Free, donations accepted
Revolution Books
2425 Channing Way, Berkeley

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10/24 O-Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on October 24, 2008

Friday, Oct. 24

A Raisin in the Sun

The Bay Area Performing Arts Collective presents their latest play, an interpretation of the Lorraine Hansberry classic (and P-Diddy notorious) “A Raisin In The Sun,” with a new music score by Destiny “The Harpist from the Hood.” The play, which originally debuted in 1959, tells the growing pains story of the Youngers, a working class Chicago African American family, as they struggle with moving into an all white neighborhood and fight to keep the family together as financial and cultural challenges arise. While the premier was met with as much protest as acclaim, the initial production went on to be nominated for 4 Tony Awards in 1960.

A Raisin in the Sun
8pm 10/24-10/25, Additional 2om matinee Saturday 10/25
The Malonga Casquelord Center for the Arts
1428 Alice St., Oakland

Christian Landers: Stuff White People Like

Described by Landers as “a scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff white people like” this website started as an in joke among a couple of friends and exploded into a cultural phenomenon. Millions tune in monthly to laugh with and at Landers’ stockpile of white people friendly trinkets, ideas and art projects, including Barack Obama, NPR, Pea Coats and appearing to enjoy Classical music. Landers reads tonight from his new book based on the website.

Christian Landers: Stuff White People Like
$10 no one turned away for lack of funds
First Congregational Church of Berkeley
2345 Channing Way, Berkeley

Saul Williams

From his role as the idealist poet in the 1999 movie “Slam” through an acclaimed and experimental spoken word phase up to his current electro/rock persona- “Niggy Tardust,” Saul Williams has made a career of pushing the boundaries of whatever particular art he’s jumping into at the time. Williams has developed an impressive collection of work and collaborators over the years(Trent Reznor, DJ Spooky, DJ Krust etc.)-check 1999’s “Coded Language” and 2003’s “,Said the Shotgun to The Head” for some of his best work. He plays tonight with a full band.

Saul Williams
Shattuck Down Low
2284 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley


Tonight is the official kickoff for Relay, a 6 week program performances by local and international sound artists. The sonic art showcase coincides with a gallery exhibition featuring Dan Nelson’s “140 Ways to Make a Cassette Tape Unlistenable,” Owen Martell and Simon Proffitt’s “Parallel Wales” project, and Jim Haynes’ “Every Island Fled Away and the Mountains Could Not Be Found.” Performances begin on Saturday, 10/25 with a show by Washington sound artists Desolation Wilderness and Lake.

Relay Reception
2948 16th St. San Francisco

Planet of the Drums

There’s the chill Friday night out, and then there’s a Friday night PARTY. There’s electronic music, and then there’s Drum ‘n Bass. There’s drumming, and then there’s Planet of the Drums, the most bass heavy, balls to the wall, cabinet speaker blasting Drum and Bass night there is. For the last 8 years, DnB heavyweights AK1200, Dara, Dieselboy and MC Messinian have been bringing their breakneck breakbeat tour to large clubs around the country and tonight it’s San Francisco’s turn to bang ’em. Loud. Fast. And Deep.

Planet of the Drums
119 Utah (at 15th St.)
San Francisco, CA
http://www.mighty119.com Read the rest of this entry »

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10/1 Got Food?

Posted by novoscene on September 30, 2008

While everyone’s going understandably apeshit over falling stocks prices, housing market implosions and bank bailouts, we’re still up in the air on many of the ways current economic hardships are going to affect the future administration and our own lives. This panel discussion sponsored by the UC Berkeley’s Journalism School and the Center for Global Metropolitan Studies will bring policy makers, academics, journalists and food justice organizers together to discuss the problems and opportunities on the horizon for our agricultural systems.

Panelists will be Michael Dimock, President of Roots of Change; Michael Pollan, Journalism Professor and author; Judith Redmond, co-owner of Full Belly Farm and President of the Community Alliance with Family Farmers; and Mark Ritchie, Minnesota Secretary of State and co-founder of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. UC Journalism Professor Cynthia Gorney will moderate.-Kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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9/14, 9/16 The Poet of the Personal

Posted by novoscene on September 14, 2008

Aimee Suzara photo by D Samuel Marsh.

In his poem “Constantly Risking Absurdity,” Lawrence Ferlinghetti calls the poet “the super realist,” one who must “perforce perceive/taut truth/before the taking of each stance or step/in his supposed advance/toward that still higher perch.”

Aimee Suzara is a super realist. By looking at the “taut truth” of her own life and surroundings-both in her multimedia piece Pagbabalik and the new chapbook The Space Between-the poet explore her own issues of racial, cultural and sexual identity in ways that denote a larger cultural outlook. From womens’ hips swaying to salsa to those same women’s hearts breaking while sitting next to a dying child, her work offers an intimate examination of the self and soul.

The daughter of Filipino health care workers, Suzara was born in New York in 1975 but spent much of her early life packing and unpacking her suitcases, at various times residing in Florida, Texas and Washington state in between several shorter pitstops. Read the rest of this entry »

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9/3 Slow Food, So What?

Posted by novoscene on September 3, 2008

Slow Food is the new Black. Or the new Green, or the new…whatever color signifies the coming of the newest new thing. I just know that the idea is all over the ‘net and all over the lips of all types of eco-conscious Bayliens. And while your response might not be as extreme as yours truly (Big Macs to the head all weekend, while standing in crowds of vegetarians) at the very least you probably want to know just how valid this whole movement is. Is Slow Food really something we should give a damn about? Is it the savior of small farms and the cure for malnutrition? Or should I just go back to those oh so tasty Big Macs?

Head over the UC Berkeley tonight for an in depth discussion with the organizers and participants from this past weekend’s Slow Food Nation. They’ll discuss the overall mission of the event, judge it’s successes and hope to answer questions including what the conference accomplished relative to the world food crisis-was it inclusive or exclusive? Did it sufficiently address mounting global food-related problems?

Participants include Dr. Vandana Shiva, physicist, activist, and Vice President of Slow Food International; Dr. Fred Kirschenmann, organic farmer and Distinguished Fellow for the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture; Dr. Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved and visiting scholar in the Center for African Studies at UC Berkeley; Michael Pollan and author of In Defense of Food. Come get the real low down on all the slow food craze, then mull over it’s validity after the lecture, while you’re in line at Jack in the Box.-Kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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8/18 Java, Literature and that F**king Daphne Chick

Posted by novoscene on August 18, 2008

So, word on the street is that this Daphne Gottlieb chick is some kind of badass literary, sensual goddess. Although on her blog she owns up to being a “stammering dork”, her spoken word performances, along with her books of edgy fiction and experimental poetry have been enough to fuel the lust of hundreds, or at least dozens, of area writers. So much so that Gottlieb recently compiled “Fucking Daphne,” an anthology of said writerly lust all devoted to, well, you know.

Gottlieb reads tonight at Silhouettes: Writers Explore the Boundaries Between Light and Shadow, with fellow writers (and literary sexpots in their own right, I’m sure) Kelly Lydick, Amy Reed and MG Roberts. Musical guests The Why Because will be providing the soundtrack to the words, over at Mama Buzz tonight.-kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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8/8 O-scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on August 8, 2008

Friday, Aug. 8

Issues at Issues

The editors at Esquire should swing by Issues over in Piedmont tonight. While that magazine, once famous for brilliant covers like Muhammad Ali posing as St. Sebastian, is now making magazine history with the first ever battery-powered, flashing cover, Issues is going exploring the essence of magazine covers with an art opening featuring works from the artists at San Francisco’s Creativity Explored. Since 1983, Creativity Explored has been helping people with developmental disabilities express themselves through art.

Issues at Issues
20 Glen Avenue (at Piedmont Avenue)

Art Reception: 888 Pieces of We

The Oakland Art Gallery opens it’s doors once again with a reception/birthday party for artist Keba Konte, whose “888 Pieces of We: A Photo Memoir” is a collection of 888 photos taken since the artist’s childhood. Konte says he show features “images of protests and portraits, street movements and political movements, freaks, friends and family members” that have made up his life so far. Music will be provided by Balafo and DJ Yaddos, with tasty goodies by Sugar Catering, Guerrilla Cafe and Cafe de la Paz.

888 Pieces of We
Oakland Art Gallery
199 Kahn’s Alley, Oakland

Numi 9-Year Anniversary & Birthday Bash

Numi Tea is celebrating it’s 9 year anniversary and it’s party time! Come by tonight and enjoy Numi’s signature infusions of TEABeer, MarTEAnis & Hot Tea while listening to the jazzy vocals of VH1 Soul artist Nya Jade. Then check out the fire dancing and History of Tea exhibit while MJ Greenmountain and members of Hamsa Lila turn up the energy with some sacred world dance music. End the night with DJ Dragonfly spinning the dancefloor jams till 2am.

Numi 9-Year Anniversary & Birthday Bash
$5-10 donation
Numi Tea Garden
2230 Livingston St
Oakland, California 94606

Reading: Big Black Penis: Misadventures in Race and Masculinity

Being black and male is a serious business, but its absurd contradictions are often too funny for words. In his award-winning book, Oakland’s Shawn Taylor leads us on a no-holds-barred tour of his masculine development, acknowledging some deep but often hilarious truths about black men. Full of unexpected turns of phrase and displays of vulnerability, the narrative contains powerful meditations on sexuality, romance, fatherhood, and violence. Unapologetic and sharply critical of the hatred and fear that American society harbors toward black men, Taylor brings the subject of black masculinity into the 21st century.

Big Black Penis: Misadventures in Race and Masculinity
The Booksmith
1644 Haight St., San Francisco

Sharing Silences

Alchemy is an all female Bay Area dance troupe drawn together by a shared vision to “create a space and performance that allows womyn of all colors, sexualities, abilities, cultures, and backgrounds to unite and collaborate, empowering one another to express ourselves…and comment on where we stand in relation to current social and political events in the Bay Area and the world.” This Friday and Saturday’s show, “Sharing Silence” features performances that explore various kinds of silence-based on ideas from Adrienne Rich, Audre Lorde, Bell Hooks and other noted artists and intellectuals. The collective of Aries Hines-Coleman, Elisa Noemi, Karla Flores, Rahshekah Kieth, Tai Cao, Vanessa Lewis, Yvonne Alvarez, Wendy Fong and Emily Encina aim to bring light to the complicated, and often glossed over identities, histories, and stories that make up the female experience.

Sharing Silences
$3-5 donations (no one turned away for lack of funds)
8pm Friday, Aug. 8 and Sat. Aug. 9
The Caretakers
848 Divisadero, San Francisco

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7/31 Metal, Dammit. All of it…

Posted by novoscene on July 29, 2008

So if you don’t know by now, All Known Metal Bands is the best book in the entire universe for those quiet times spent communing with the porcelain gods. The new book by Oakland author Dan Nelson is an extensive listing of every single band to ever even think of strapping on the Doc Martins, growing out the long hair and naming themselves after some form of hellish catastrophe or another, all while cranking out loud as fuck power chords (read the Oakbook interview with the author here, and check the feature story in the current print edition.)

Nelson reads from his obsessive opus at Electric Works in San Fran on Thursday. The SF opening also features some of Nelson’s visual art-“24 Illustrations for Schubert’s Winterreise”-live music by Edmund Welles, the obligatory food and beer, and “Interactive metal activities for the family (including defacing property).” Is there even a question of where you should be Thursday night?-kwan

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