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Photos: We Love The Town Halloween

Posted by novoscene on November 3, 2008

So Halloween’s over and it’s back to the grind.  No more ghouls and goblins for another 365, but to comfort the inner spook in all of us here’s some photos from this past Friday’s We Love The Town Halloween courtesy of or pals DJ Zita and DMadness.

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10/27-11/16 Indulge your inner Angry White Boy

Posted by novoscene on October 27, 2008

“Angry Black White Boy,” the Intersection for the Art’s new play based on the book of the same name, opens tonight and sounds like it’s worth checking out.  The Chron reviewed the book this morning.  The production stars Dan Wolf and Tommy Shepherd from Felonius, and is directed by theater vet Sean San Jose.  All three have cred in the hip hop world, otherwise, given the touchy subject matter, I might be a little iffy about this show, but add the fact that Adam Mansbach, the novel’s author, has done an interesting and funny job of discussing the intersections of music, culture and race over the last few years and you have the makings of a thought provoking show.

Angry Black White Boy is a social satire of the highest order-think Paul Beatty and Terry Southern-telling the story of Macon Detornay, a mild mannered, upper middle class, Jewish suburban kid who is “reborn” as an ass kicking fist of reparations justice, militant pro Black rapper and leader of the most radical black liberation splinter group in the country (come on, could I really make this up?).  Of course it only gets more over the top from there.  The play runs from tonight through Nov. 16.-kwan

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9/15 Monday Night Kink

Posted by novoscene on September 13, 2008

For most of us Monday nights aren’t particularly eventful-borderline kinda suck-and we crave something that’ll snap us out of the first day back to work blues.  Well, if your nights have become a couchfest of fast food, presidential coverage and early bedtimes then my friends, this Monday will be different. And for most of us nothing says different quite like mingling, munching popcorn and watching a cast of hotties sexin’ it up on a 50 foot high screen.  Take a break from the ordinary and Step Behind the Red Door.

Step Behind the Red Door is a night of erotic films screening at the Parkway this Monday.  The event’s producer Nenna, an Oakland based artist, filmmaker and sex education activist says she hopes to open up a dialogue not just about sex, but specifically the sexual imagery surrounding people of color.  The latest in a series of events, the films-the full length “Aphrodite Superstar” and a teaser for “Kink” a documentary on people of color in the world of BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadomasochism)-show a side of the kink community Nenna says often gets distorted beyond the point of reality.  Porn, not realistic?  Who knew? Read the rest of this entry »

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8/18 Java, Literature and that F**king Daphne Chick

Posted by novoscene on August 18, 2008

So, word on the street is that this Daphne Gottlieb chick is some kind of badass literary, sensual goddess. Although on her blog she owns up to being a “stammering dork”, her spoken word performances, along with her books of edgy fiction and experimental poetry have been enough to fuel the lust of hundreds, or at least dozens, of area writers. So much so that Gottlieb recently compiled “Fucking Daphne,” an anthology of said writerly lust all devoted to, well, you know.

Gottlieb reads tonight at Silhouettes: Writers Explore the Boundaries Between Light and Shadow, with fellow writers (and literary sexpots in their own right, I’m sure) Kelly Lydick, Amy Reed and MG Roberts. Musical guests The Why Because will be providing the soundtrack to the words, over at Mama Buzz tonight.-kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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8/11 V is for Vampyre

Posted by novoscene on August 11, 2008

We all know that Hollywood starlets have this unearthly youthfulness about them, seemingly defying age and gravity for years longer than nature intended. And while it’s possible that all that young firmness is the result of a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, and more probable that most of the glitterati have their favorite plastic surgeon on speed dial, what if there was another explanation for their unnaturally flawless skin and good looks? Like what if the whole town was full of the never aging, blood sucking undead?

In her new novel, “Vampyres of Hollywood” Film, TV and Broadway star Adrienne Barbeau (along with co-writer Michael Scott) takes the idea of the Hollywood Vamp and runs with it. A serial killer is working through the Hollywood A-list and celebrities are running scared. When Beverly Hills detective Peter King is brought in on the case and discovers that most of the city’s top tier actors are actually an established network of vampires, he’s forced into an alliance with the head bloodsucker, who also just happens to be a super hot movie star (this is LA after all) and the duo set out to rid the streets of this vamp tracking menace dubbed the Cinema Slayer. Blood follows, then more blood. Then bits of cute dialog and Tinseltown trivia. Then more blood.-Kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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8/11 Broke and Sober? Get thee to El Rio

Posted by novoscene on August 11, 2008

Alright, let’s be honest-so you probably don’t want to drive all the way to the Mission for this-cuz y’know, gas prices suck. But if you spend your workdays in SF or for any reason find yourself around the vicinity of Mission and Cesar Chavez tonight then make a pit stop over at El Rio and knock back a few beers on the cheap. Admission’s free and the beer’s nearly there. Hell, with the PBR’s going for only a dollar, you can get sloshed real decent for a fraction of the cost of filing up your gas tank. Start the week with a good beer buzz.-kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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7/28 Those who can: Teach!

Posted by novoscene on July 28, 2008

Oakland needs more good teachers. With a high school drop out rate hovering at around 37%, Oakland needs teachers who give a damn. Who can roll up their sleeves and jump into a job that’s admittedly not very glamorous, not very financially rewarding and frankly, is tough as hell. But it’s undoubtedly one of the most direct and necessary things that any one who cares about Oakland’s future can do.

And don’t let a lack of teaching credentials keep you from making the leap. Oakland has several programs that train new teachers and give them some of the tools they’ll need to make a difference in the classroom. The office of Da Dellums, the Effective Teachers for Oakland Task Force and the Oakland Education Association are sponsoring an info session tonight at Frank Ogawa Plaza. You can meet first year teachers and interns currently enrolled in the teaching program, meet OUSD’s new Interim Superintendent, Roberta Mayor and find out how to start the process so you’ll be ready for next school year. Stop by tonight for more info.

Do it for the kids. The town needs you.-kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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7/21 House, House House Monday!!

Posted by novoscene on July 21, 2008

A quick heads up for those still in party mode from the weekend or looking to start their week off with a little booty shaking-from now on, Kingman’s Lucky Lounge will hosting Soulful Vibrations, a Monday night house music session for the dancing inclined. Dj’s Imani and Rahiem Jihad will be throwing down all deep and funky so check it out if you’re in need of a quick 4/4 fix.-kwan

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7/14 Monday Night Jazz Jams

Posted by novoscene on July 14, 2008

Photo from www.angelawellman.com

Looking for a way to unwind after a long 1st day after the weekend? Well if you’re a Jazz head you’re in luck. If you’re a Jazz musician then grab your ax and take your pick between two funky jam sessions going down with a host of seasoned players.

First there’s trombonist Angela Wellman’s regular Monday night jam session at the New Earth Artist’s Cafe just around the corner from Lake Merritt. Wellman, founder and Executive Director of the Oakland Public Conservatory of Music, is a small woman packing a big sound. The Kansas City native has been belting out tunes since she was a kid and cut her teeth in the swinging Chitlin’ Circuit clubs of her home town. Wellman’s a confident band leader and this session should be fast paced with a hint of blues.

And while Wellman’ holding things down over at the New Earth, the Jam session at the Public Conservatory is safe in the musical hands of Glen Pearson, a well respected local pianist. Pearson’s the chair of the music department over at the College of Alameda and has gained a reputation as the man pulling the strings behind the COA Jazz Big Band. He’s joined on the platform by bassist Ron Belcher, drummer Roger Myers and just maybe, you. That’s if you’ve got a musical streak and the chops to jam with the big boys. And if not, well the audience at either one of these venues is a great way to spend a Monday night.-kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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6/16: Just Announced-Mos Def w/Zion I tonight

Posted by novoscene on June 16, 2008

So while the cancellation of this past weekend’s Paid Dues festival left many underground hip hop fans screaming at the heavens, clutching their backpacks and wondering aloud “O GOD Rakim, why has thou forsaken us?!”, tonight’s just announced Mos Def show at Ruby Skye should help restore some stability to the four pillars.

Mos was added to the Paid Dues lineup at the last minute and since he’s already in town and everything, why not play a special last minute show right? Seems like the only thing to do. And to sweeten the deal, Oakland’s hip hop superheroes Zion I will be opening the night along with tunes by DJ Big Von.

But if you can’t wait any longer, snack on this delicious classic vid for Umi Says off the 1999 album “Black on Both Sides”, then get your conscious hip hop fix tonight, cuz Rock the Bells doesn’t roll into town for another 2 months.-kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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