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6/2 The New News-Journalism, Documentary and New Media

Posted by novoscene on June 2, 2009

The new grassroots journalism

Not so breaking news! The news industry is getting turned on it’s ear. Not so secret tip: No one really knows what to do about it! Over the last couple of years, as longtime newspaper folk have been shown the door en masse, and everyone’s Tweeted and Friended themselves into a public frenzy, a lot of new questions, new challenges and new opportunities have risen from the ashes of all those burned newspapers.

But what does this multimedia real time approach to life mean for the way we report and consume the news? What are the new tools and how are they being used? Find out the insider info from the new news biz at this panel discussion with members of the new and old guard media. Panelest include: Katharine Mieszkowski, Salon.com,Joe Rubin, FRONTLINE/World, Robert Rosenthal, CIR, Kevin Weston, New America Media and Marcus Chan, SF Chronicle and will be moderated by Magnet Media’s Megan Cunningham.

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3/16-3/17 RIP SF Chronicle?

Posted by novoscene on March 16, 2009

chronWhen Hearst Corp announced at the end of February that it may be force to close the San Francisco Chronicle, journalists and media workers around the Bay Area exhaled a huge collective “What.The.Fuck?!” While everyone has an opinion on the paper and while may love to trash it just as much as we love to read it, the possible demise of San Francisco’s oldest and largest newspaper is really no laughing matter. A world without Violet Blue and Mark Morford? Totally unacceptable.

The response from the media workers and supporters is no joke. In addition to several closed door meetings between union workers, execs and supporters, over the next two days some of the area’s top media professionals will gather to weigh in on the situation and try to come up with some answers.

Tonight the UC Berkeley J-School hosts a round table discussion with several concerned journalists and public figures. Invited speakers include: Historian Gray Brechin, Investigative Reporter Lowell Bergman, Multimedia journalist Kevin Weston, Public radio producer Holly Kernan, San Francisco civic leader Clint Reilly and UC Berkeley Senior Lecturer Susan Rasky. Read the rest of this entry »

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2/18 Wednesday night Boogie

Posted by novoscene on February 18, 2009

Tonight the hip hop archivists over at True Skool open the doors for  “Best Kept Secret,” a new night of classic hip hop, reggae and soul.  The lineup over the next few months  includes local club mainstays and floor rocking pros including Sake One, Pam the Funktress and Jah Yzer.

And for the inaugural night DJ J-Boogie, multiple music award winner, mix master extraordinaire, and bandleader of the formidable Dubtronic Science.  And don’t be too intimidated by the offers for “$100 bottle service.”  Admission’s free with RSVP, only 5 bucks after and Boogie’s rep for laying down slappin’ grooves should be enough even ake you forgett the “Ultra Lounge” in the club name. Read the rest of this entry »

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2/13 O-Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on February 13, 2009

Friday, Feb. 13

Formations: new work by Victoria Wagner & Erik Parra

blankspace’s latest exhibit touches on the order and chaos found both in natural and man made worlds. In this two-person exhibition artists Victoria Wagner & Erik Parra tackle the theme with their own style and approach, fleshing out the unexpected interactions that happen when worlds collide. Tonight also marks the end of Victoria’s “mobile listening service” project, that required her to set up a table in several selected communities and listen to anyone that wanted to sit down and talk.

6608 San Pablo Ave, Oakland

Pecha Kucha

Tonight on Valentine’s eve 10 Bay Area Artists are giving you their riffs on all things L-O-V-E. Features for this month’s Pecha Kucha include poetry by Aisha Heredia and Joel B Tan, visual art by Emory Douglas and Running Forward and photos by Opal Essence, Bethanie Hines, Hasain Rasheed, Sheila Menezes and Eric K. Arnold. There’ll also be a special dedication to Bay Graffiti legend Mike “Dream” Francisco presented by members of TDK crew. Keeping with the tradition of the original Pecha Kucha Nights in Japan, each artist will present 20 pieces of work and speak on each image for 20 seconds.

Pecha Kucha
EastSide Cultural Center
2277 International Blvd, Oakland

1LOVE Valentine’s Edition

Alright I know it’s kinda cheesy with the marketing and the sales and the buying and the expectations and all, but really, what’s so wrong with spending a day celebrating love? And even more-what’s wrong with celebrating love with some fresh beats? DJ Dmadness has been releasing V-Day themed mix tapes for the last 3 year and this year’s “ExtraLoving: A Valentine’s Lovers Rock Reggae Mix” is quite lovealicious and packed with 62 tracks of lover’s rock and snuggle inspired island riddims. He’s joined on the decks tonight by Pam the Funkstress and Green B and all attendees receive a free copy of the mix-cuz it’s all for the love ya’know?

1LOVE Valentine’s Edition
Poleng Lounge
1751 Fulton St. San Francisco

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2/12 More Fire!

Posted by novoscene on February 11, 2009

As one-half of the legendary house music produces, Deep Dish, Dubfire has won Grammys, released hit singles, remixed artists from Dido to Eminem and rocked stages from LA to Lisbon. While Dish has been on hiatus for the last 3 years, Dubfire’s been keeping busy on the remix and DJ circuit and flipped his hat round to the business side of things in ’07 with the launch of his label, Science + Technology Digital Audio.
While a Dubfire set usually skews towards techie minimalism, his short attention span, background in punk, industrial and new wave, and love of all things jazz, hip-hop and house means things are never predictable. Read the rest of this entry »

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2/11 Local Artist Love

Posted by novoscene on February 11, 2009

Round these parts we love our indie artists-nothing like someone who puts the craft first and is willing to spend years in anonymity, foresaking fame and rent payments for the sake of The Work. But after a while, the Ramen really does get old and you start to yearn for a little more recognition. And that brings me to another thing we love round here-community networking. So this new Thursday night artist showcase and networking event gets both thumbs stuck straight up.
Hosted by spoken word poet Sellasie, and featuring a guest spot by Oakland’s Ise Lyfe, We All You Got aims to link like minded musicians, poets and performers looking to take their careers to the next level. Slide through, bring your CD, grab the mic, discover new artists and build artisitic allies.
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2/9 Poetry by Moonlight

Posted by novoscene on February 9, 2009

The Bay Area’s longest running lunar literary and performance gathering kicks off its 2009 spring season with a line up of SoCal poet-performers and a special sneak peak of L.A. based Raquel Gutierrez’s (Butchlalis de Panochtitlan) solo show, “Malathion: Low Human Toxicity.”  Other featured readers for the night include Aida Salazar, Leticia Hernandez, Tomas Riley.  Tonight’s salon is guest curated by writer and CCA instructor Vickie Vertriz. Read the rest of this entry »

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1-23-09 O-Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on January 23, 2009

Friday, Jan. 23

Town Bizness Townhall Meeting-Against Police Terrorism

You’ve read the news reports and seen the videos, now come hear the news from the family of Oscar Grant, the protesters who were there and the community leaders, artists and activists driving the action around Grant’s killing. The even is hosted by Block Report Radio’s JR Valrey and Black Dot proprietor and cultural curator Marcel Diallo.

Town Bizness Townhall Meeting-Against Police Terrorism
Free, donations accepted
Black Dot Cafe
1195 Pine St., Oakland

The Collective

This monthly showcase is where you go to catch the funkiest soul singers from the bay and beyond sharing the stage with a rotating cast of slick jazz and hip hop spoken word poets. Tonight Grammy nominated soul man Eric Roberson mixes it up with Oakland songbird Jimmie Reign and Oakland poetry slam champion Ner City.

The Collective
Maxwell’s Lounge
341 13th St., Oakland

Noir City: The 7th Annual San Francisco Film Noir Festival

Oh yeah, you gotta love this one-I mean just the fact that there’s a whole 10 day festival devoted to gritty 40’s and 50’s noir flicks is great enough, but this year is dedicated to “Newspaper Noir” and all the hard drinkin’, chain smoking, high and low minded scuzzballs that come with it. The program kicks off tonight with “Deadline U.S.A.”, the 1952 Bogart flick about a lone wolf renegade newspaper editor battling the infamous mob of racketeers. Clawing to get the story before final deadline.

Noir City: The 7th Annual San Francisco Film Noir Festival
Jan. 23-Feb. 1
Various times and prices
The Castro Theatre
429 Castro St, San Francisco

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San Francisco Bay New Year’s Events

Posted by novoscene on December 21, 2008

O-Scene’s Bay Area New Year’s Eve Calendar

Sugar and Gold headline the New Year’s Bash at The Uptown

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12/2 Before God made Santogold, there was Res

Posted by novoscene on December 2, 2008

You might recognize the sonic similarities between Madame Gold-the current princess of funky electro, and the most excellent vocals stylings of Res, the uber hot Philly girl who flew sadly under the mainstream radar in the early years of the decade.  The slightly eccentric swagger, abstract diversions and mixtures of 80’s rock with R&B all spring from the same source.

Back in the late 90’s when Santogold was still Santi White, the two singers met up on the Philadelphia music scene and collaborated on Res’ debut album, 2001’s “How I Do.”  In fact Santi wrote the entire album, which could explain the sublimely un R&B sound of singles like “Golden Boys” (above), “How I Do” and “Ice King.”  A sound that would win Santogold worldwide acclaim and sponsorship by Bud Light (WTF of the moment) 7 years later, was just a bit before it’s time in 2001.  Sometimes genius just can’t catch a break.

But after a long hiatus, Res is thankfully back on the scene with a new internet only album “Black.Girls.Rock” and a live show tonight at PST.  The music scene’s a bit more open now and if there’s any justice at all in the business, we’ll be getting a lot more of her ill soul in the future.  But since the music biz isn’t exactly known for being forward thinking, I wouldn’t miss the show tonight. -kwan

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