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11/6 Shake it for Obama, one mo’ time

Posted by novoscene on November 6, 2008

He did it! Obama won! And all over the Bay Tuesday night they were dancing in the streets, thankin’ the lord and passing the wine.

The crowd at Everett and Jones gets down
Extra Action Marching Band doin’ the Obama in San Fran

A new era is on the way, but I figure we have only a couple of months before we have to remember that dude is, after all, still a politician. But until then there’s more partying to do, this event has been a long time coming. And to keep things festive Ruby Skye and Bay Area for Obama are throwing a huge FREE bash tonight over at the Skye. They’ve pulled together a list of crowd favorite DJ’s including Sake-1, Manny Black and Sam Isaac and free eats from Paplote. Eat, drink and be merry Obama lovers, cause soon it’s back to giving the powers that be a hard time.-Kwan

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Bay Area Halloween For all the Ghouls and Goblins

Posted by novoscene on October 30, 2008

The spooky season is upon us and ghouls and goblins of all stripes will be roaming the streets all weekend. Here’s a list of some of our favorite events, from freaky all night bashes to haunted houses to scraper bikes to vampire lesbians, there’s something here for everyone. Grab a costume and go get scary!


Haunted House at Redwood Heights

Redwood Heights Recreation Center
3883 Aliso Ave., Oakland

Vampire Lesbians of Sodom

One of the longest running plays in Off-Broadway history, Vampire Lesbians of Sodom tells the saga of two fatally seductive vampiresses whose paths first collide in ancient Sodom. Their bitter rivalry as bloodsuckers but more importantly, as actresses, endures for two thousand years with stops along the way in 1920s silent movie Hollywood and contemporary Las Vegas.
10/30 -11/1
$25/$35 Halloween midnight show
Stage Werx Theatre
533 Sutter St. San Francisco Read the rest of this entry »

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10/27-11/16 Indulge your inner Angry White Boy

Posted by novoscene on October 27, 2008

“Angry Black White Boy,” the Intersection for the Art’s new play based on the book of the same name, opens tonight and sounds like it’s worth checking out.  The Chron reviewed the book this morning.  The production stars Dan Wolf and Tommy Shepherd from Felonius, and is directed by theater vet Sean San Jose.  All three have cred in the hip hop world, otherwise, given the touchy subject matter, I might be a little iffy about this show, but add the fact that Adam Mansbach, the novel’s author, has done an interesting and funny job of discussing the intersections of music, culture and race over the last few years and you have the makings of a thought provoking show.

Angry Black White Boy is a social satire of the highest order-think Paul Beatty and Terry Southern-telling the story of Macon Detornay, a mild mannered, upper middle class, Jewish suburban kid who is “reborn” as an ass kicking fist of reparations justice, militant pro Black rapper and leader of the most radical black liberation splinter group in the country (come on, could I really make this up?).  Of course it only gets more over the top from there.  The play runs from tonight through Nov. 16.-kwan

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10/1 Free show-Kid Mothafriggin Cudi!

Posted by novoscene on September 30, 2008

Excuse the Music Geek Moment, but this is just one of those “if you know ya know, if ya don’t ya better ask somebody” kinda shows. With crazy wordplay, sick beats and equally sick superstar DJ remixes, Kid Cudi’s been blowing up the underground scene for the past year and for a while it seemed like every morning my Inbox held another remix of his signature song sent by one geeked out DJ associate or another, and for good reason-Cudi’s “Day ‘n Night” is the.best.stoner.song.ever-EVER (yeah I’m looking at you Grateful Dead and Cypress Hill). And the show’s free?!?. Come on, I know where I’ll be come 10pm.-Kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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10/1 Hella Pretty, Hella Serious, Hella Art

Posted by novoscene on September 30, 2008

The Hella Pretty Army is “an army of San Francisco’s most revolutionary and passionate writers, musicians, performers and art makers” coming together to throw a big ass party and benefit for Fran Varian,-poet, and queer rights activist recently diagnosed recently with Lyme Disease.

Through her career as a health worker and counselor and lifelong work as a poet, artist and activist, Varian has been championing area arts and community causes for years and now that community’s giving back in her time of need. This show is all about raising funds for the one treatment designed to combat the later stages of the disease, and the treatment ain’t cheap. Local art lovers are asked to give as much as they can while enjoying the work performers including Mark Growden, Lauren Wheeler, Vagabondage, Meliza Bañales, Katrina James, Heathen Machinery and Steven Schwartz in addition to a silent auction that includes one of a kind art, couture fashion, handmade chapbook. Stop by and show your love with your presence and you open purse, cuz sometimes the phrase funding for the arts takes on varied, but necessary new meanings.-Kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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9/17 Malian Blues: a family tradition

Posted by novoscene on September 17, 2008

Children of musical greats often have a hard road to bear. Constantly compared to their famous parents their musical catalogs often fall far short of the family genius tree. But every so often a kid gets it right-Martha and Rufus Wainright, Femi and Seun Kuti, the inexplicable collective talent of the Marley clan and now you can add the Vieux Farka Toure to the list. The son of Malian blues man Ali Farka Touré, the multi-talented guitarist, singer and songwriter had taken up his father’s legacy in way’s even the older Toure never anticipated. Vieux’s soulful, sometimes spacey guitar work has on occasion earned him comparisons to both his father and Jimmie Hendrix. Hear the ancestral and psych rock influences that help make up Vieux’s unique sound when he plays Yoshi’s San Francisco tonight.

On his 2007 self titled debut CD, Vieux established himself as a confident and talented torchbearer of his fathers blend of Saharan and Malian blues and traditional music. And while Vieux laces his songs with flashes of jazz, rock and reggae and lends his music to remix projects like last year’s Remixed: UFO’s over Bamako, his music is full of tributes to his father and to the community of elders and advisers who influenced him. “Here in Africa, he who teaches you in life, you will follow his path,” he said during an interview following the album’s release, which also features the only recorded sessions featuring father and son. Vieux plays with a full band tonight at 8 and 10pm .-kwan

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9/16 Sweet Water Soul

Posted by novoscene on September 16, 2008

Photo by J Sight

Even though her EP hasn’t dropped yet, Femi can’t wait any longer to share her new tunes with the people. After gigging with some of the area’s most talented musicians and blessing compilations with her blend of salsa soul vocals for the last few years, the Oakland songbird is ready to sing to her own tune. Tonight she hosts the release party for “Sweet Water Soul,” her new collection of funky soul tracks, set to drop officially on Sept. 23.

A fierce live performer, she’ll be taking over the stage at Pacific Standard Time tonight, showcasing the new material-a combination of lovelorn ballads, spiritual confessions and hip hop head nodding-and some intense improv. Resident DJ’s Sake 1 and Fran Boogie will be manning the decks.-kwan

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8/11 V is for Vampyre

Posted by novoscene on August 11, 2008

We all know that Hollywood starlets have this unearthly youthfulness about them, seemingly defying age and gravity for years longer than nature intended. And while it’s possible that all that young firmness is the result of a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, and more probable that most of the glitterati have their favorite plastic surgeon on speed dial, what if there was another explanation for their unnaturally flawless skin and good looks? Like what if the whole town was full of the never aging, blood sucking undead?

In her new novel, “Vampyres of Hollywood” Film, TV and Broadway star Adrienne Barbeau (along with co-writer Michael Scott) takes the idea of the Hollywood Vamp and runs with it. A serial killer is working through the Hollywood A-list and celebrities are running scared. When Beverly Hills detective Peter King is brought in on the case and discovers that most of the city’s top tier actors are actually an established network of vampires, he’s forced into an alliance with the head bloodsucker, who also just happens to be a super hot movie star (this is LA after all) and the duo set out to rid the streets of this vamp tracking menace dubbed the Cinema Slayer. Blood follows, then more blood. Then bits of cute dialog and Tinseltown trivia. Then more blood.-Kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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7/31 Metal, Dammit. All of it…

Posted by novoscene on July 29, 2008

So if you don’t know by now, All Known Metal Bands is the best book in the entire universe for those quiet times spent communing with the porcelain gods. The new book by Oakland author Dan Nelson is an extensive listing of every single band to ever even think of strapping on the Doc Martins, growing out the long hair and naming themselves after some form of hellish catastrophe or another, all while cranking out loud as fuck power chords (read the Oakbook interview with the author here, and check the feature story in the current print edition.)

Nelson reads from his obsessive opus at Electric Works in San Fran on Thursday. The SF opening also features some of Nelson’s visual art-“24 Illustrations for Schubert’s Winterreise”-live music by Edmund Welles, the obligatory food and beer, and “Interactive metal activities for the family (including defacing property).” Is there even a question of where you should be Thursday night?-kwan

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7/29 What Would Shakespeare Do?

Posted by novoscene on July 29, 2008

If William Shakespeare was a young lad in 1980’s Los Angeles what would he look like? How would he live? Would he still be the literary giant that we’ve come to know and read in high school English? And more importantly, would he get all the hot chicks? These are just some of the issues raised in MY NAME IS WILL: A Novel of Sex, Drugs, and Shakespeare, Jess Winfield’s debut novel. The dual narrative comedy follows the life of a struggling, sex crazed, druggie grad student during Reagan Anti-drug years and the story of the original young bard-a struggling, sex crazed, somewhat druggie playwright to be in the late 1500’s.

Struggling UC Santa Cruz grad student Willie Shakespeare Greenberg is trying to write his thesis about the Bard. Kind of. Having been cut off by his father for laziness, and desperate for cash, Willie agrees to deliver a single, giant, psychedelic mushroom to a mysterious collector, only to find himself a target in Ronald Reagan’s War on Drugs.

Meanwhile, would-be playwright (and oppressed Catholic) William Shakespeare is eighteen and stuck teaching Latin in the boondocks of Stratford-upon-Avon. The future Bard is asked to deliver a contraband box of sacramental wafers blessed by the Pope at a time when Catholics are being hanged, drawn and quartered as traitors. When 1980s Willie, cornered by DEA agents and one too many girlfriends, eats the giant mushroom at a Renaissance Fair, and 1580s William takes his first communion at his own shotgun wedding, their minds and stories merge–allowing each to become the fully-realized Shakespeare he is destined to be.

Winfield’s been racking up the acclaim and praise and tonight you get to see why as he reads from his new book over at Booksmith on Haight.-kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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