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9/9 Found Footage Film night

Posted by novoscene on September 9, 2008

BAM/PFA’s Tuesday night experimental film series is back, running through October 28.  Tonight is a tribute to artist and filmmaker Bruce Conner, who died earlier this year.  The program features work by Conner, John Baldessari, Ken Jacobs, Walid Ra’ad and Sylvia Schedelbauer:

“Time, space, breakup, past, future, bits and parts of concepts and still photographs” is how Bruce Conner once described the films he wanted to make. His film Report is an obsessive memorial that lays waste to television’s coverage of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. In Conner’s hands history stutters and falls to pieces. This program memorializes Conner’s recent passing by presenting works in which historical documents are recovered, reanimated, and read in new ways. In The Meaning of Various Newsphotos to Ed Henderson, John Baldessari asks Henderson to divine the meaning of photos taken out of context. Ken Jacobs’s Perfect Film rescues a lost reel of outtakes from a report of Malcolm X’s assassination. In The Dead Weight of a Quarrel Hangs, Walid Ra’ad offers a meditation on the Lebanese wars in which historical documents are not always visible or available to memory. Sylvia Schedelbauer presents two recent works, Memories and Remote Intimacy, in which the convulsions of world historical events unsettle the silences of her family’s past.” -Erica Levin

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10/30-Alternative Requirements: Student Experimental Films

Posted by novoscene on October 30, 2007

Declaration of Love Through the expansive genre of experimental film, Bay Area college students render the interior visible and imbue the exterior world with psychological meaning. In Les Stuck’s bars + tone, calibration color bars slowly transform into an unexpected landscape. In Laura Rodriguez’s flower fall, images of flowers capture the spirituality that looms within intimate objects. In cornfed, Martha XIV explores her relationship with her midwestern hometown through songs, photographs, animation, and monologue. Vanessa Woods’s 5 Cents a Peek combines poetry with black-and-white stock footage of a circus to visually render the voyeuristic, exploitative treatment of women in society. In M((o))rning, Won Tae Seo explores the relationship between the public and private spheres through the use of depth of field and stop-motion. A diverse assortment of other works undertake the task of capturing the inexpressible through the experimental film medium.

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