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12/4 Kennedy on the Environment

Posted by novoscene on December 3, 2008

Named a “Hero for the Planet” by Time Magazine, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has developed a reputation as a resolute defender of the environment with a background in successful legal actions. He helped environmental group Riverkeeper lead the successful fight to restore the Hudson River, spawning 177 Waterkeeper organizations across the globe. He is Senior Attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council, Chief Prosecuting Attorney for the Hudson Riverkeeper and Chairman of Waterkeeper Alliance. He has worked on environmental issues across the Americas and has assisted several indigenous tribes in successfully negotiating treaties protecting traditional homelands. A professor of law at Pace University as well as an award-winning author, his most recent book is Crimes Against Nature (2004).  The lecture is a part of the Mario Savio Memorial Award ceremony, honoring young social justice activists.

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10/23–10/27 I Love Beijing: The Films of Ning Ying

Posted by novoscene on October 22, 2008


Stills: For Fun, October 23, I Love Beijing, October 25 and Perpetual Motion, October 26

The films of Ning Ying run the gamut from Sex and the City style urban comedies to heartfelt documentaries, all examining China’s changing society and attitudes. She’s been called China’s most important director woman director (how ’bout just Director. Period?), earned comparisons to Martin Scorsese, and is currently an artist in residence over at Berkeley’s Pacific Film Archive.
In conjunction with her residency PFA is presenting 4 nights of Ying’s films, including both her masterful Beijing Trilogy series and Perpetual Motion, her newest film. Ying will be in attendance for each screening and the series caps off Monday, Oct. 27 with a master film making class.-kwan

7:30 For Fun
Ning Ying (China/Hong Kong, 1992, 98 mins)
In the Beijing Trilogy’s first installment, a meddlesome retiree finds an outlet in an amateur Peking Opera troupe. “Beautifully observed and splendidly acted.”-Tony Rayns

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10/1 Got Food?

Posted by novoscene on September 30, 2008

While everyone’s going understandably apeshit over falling stocks prices, housing market implosions and bank bailouts, we’re still up in the air on many of the ways current economic hardships are going to affect the future administration and our own lives. This panel discussion sponsored by the UC Berkeley’s Journalism School and the Center for Global Metropolitan Studies will bring policy makers, academics, journalists and food justice organizers together to discuss the problems and opportunities on the horizon for our agricultural systems.

Panelists will be Michael Dimock, President of Roots of Change; Michael Pollan, Journalism Professor and author; Judith Redmond, co-owner of Full Belly Farm and President of the Community Alliance with Family Farmers; and Mark Ritchie, Minnesota Secretary of State and co-founder of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. UC Journalism Professor Cynthia Gorney will moderate.-Kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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9/9 Found Footage Film night

Posted by novoscene on September 9, 2008

BAM/PFA’s Tuesday night experimental film series is back, running through October 28.  Tonight is a tribute to artist and filmmaker Bruce Conner, who died earlier this year.  The program features work by Conner, John Baldessari, Ken Jacobs, Walid Ra’ad and Sylvia Schedelbauer:

“Time, space, breakup, past, future, bits and parts of concepts and still photographs” is how Bruce Conner once described the films he wanted to make. His film Report is an obsessive memorial that lays waste to television’s coverage of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. In Conner’s hands history stutters and falls to pieces. This program memorializes Conner’s recent passing by presenting works in which historical documents are recovered, reanimated, and read in new ways. In The Meaning of Various Newsphotos to Ed Henderson, John Baldessari asks Henderson to divine the meaning of photos taken out of context. Ken Jacobs’s Perfect Film rescues a lost reel of outtakes from a report of Malcolm X’s assassination. In The Dead Weight of a Quarrel Hangs, Walid Ra’ad offers a meditation on the Lebanese wars in which historical documents are not always visible or available to memory. Sylvia Schedelbauer presents two recent works, Memories and Remote Intimacy, in which the convulsions of world historical events unsettle the silences of her family’s past.” -Erica Levin

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9/3 Slow Food, So What?

Posted by novoscene on September 3, 2008

Slow Food is the new Black. Or the new Green, or the new…whatever color signifies the coming of the newest new thing. I just know that the idea is all over the ‘net and all over the lips of all types of eco-conscious Bayliens. And while your response might not be as extreme as yours truly (Big Macs to the head all weekend, while standing in crowds of vegetarians) at the very least you probably want to know just how valid this whole movement is. Is Slow Food really something we should give a damn about? Is it the savior of small farms and the cure for malnutrition? Or should I just go back to those oh so tasty Big Macs?

Head over the UC Berkeley tonight for an in depth discussion with the organizers and participants from this past weekend’s Slow Food Nation. They’ll discuss the overall mission of the event, judge it’s successes and hope to answer questions including what the conference accomplished relative to the world food crisis-was it inclusive or exclusive? Did it sufficiently address mounting global food-related problems?

Participants include Dr. Vandana Shiva, physicist, activist, and Vice President of Slow Food International; Dr. Fred Kirschenmann, organic farmer and Distinguished Fellow for the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture; Dr. Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved and visiting scholar in the Center for African Studies at UC Berkeley; Michael Pollan and author of In Defense of Food. Come get the real low down on all the slow food craze, then mull over it’s validity after the lecture, while you’re in line at Jack in the Box.-Kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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10/30 Found Magazine at Pegasus

Posted by novoscene on October 30, 2007

Before there were websites like Post Secret and I Can Has Cheezburger and all the other sites where people submit strange funny anonymous tidbits for our viewing amusement, there was Found magazine.

Found came to be in 2001, when co-founder Davy Rothbart discovered a scathing, personal and slightly desperate note (left) taped to his car. After consulting with friends and realizing that everyone had a few of these little whatthefuck pieces of curiosity stuck around there homes, Davy and his brother Peter founded the magazine as a way for scavengers round the globe to join forces and showcase their jewels. Over the years Found has evolved into a kind of cultural landmark, a testament to the quirky things we do as humans and the strange shit we tend to write on napkins in bars at 2am. Tonight the brothers discuss their latest “Found #5: The Crime Issue.”-kwan

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10/30-Alternative Requirements: Student Experimental Films

Posted by novoscene on October 30, 2007

Declaration of Love Through the expansive genre of experimental film, Bay Area college students render the interior visible and imbue the exterior world with psychological meaning. In Les Stuck’s bars + tone, calibration color bars slowly transform into an unexpected landscape. In Laura Rodriguez’s flower fall, images of flowers capture the spirituality that looms within intimate objects. In cornfed, Martha XIV explores her relationship with her midwestern hometown through songs, photographs, animation, and monologue. Vanessa Woods’s 5 Cents a Peek combines poetry with black-and-white stock footage of a circus to visually render the voyeuristic, exploitative treatment of women in society. In M((o))rning, Won Tae Seo explores the relationship between the public and private spheres through the use of depth of field and stop-motion. A diverse assortment of other works undertake the task of capturing the inexpressible through the experimental film medium.

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