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1/17-1/19 Hot Couture – A Fusion of Fashion and Fire

Posted by novoscene on January 16, 2008


The Crucible is like that one little cousin you had when you were young that was always setting shit on fire. Every time you turned around-lighter in hand, I didn’t do it expression on face, flames everywhere. I guess one man’s trash is another man’s kindling. But it helps that the shit they set on fire is pretty damned cool and that you probably won’t get in trouble if you’re mom walks in and finds the place ablaze.

Continuing there mission to bring industrial art hotness to the masses, the Crucible’s latest heaping helping of smoldering performance art celebrates the nonprofit’s 9 year anniversary. The Hot Couture fashion show runs from tonight through Sunday and features over 20 of the Bay’s hottest (you knew that was coming) up and coming designers. including KAYO, miss velvet cream, Fluidance, Alexandria Von Bromssen, Super Sugar Ray Ray and Miranda Caroligne.

The show begins with Community Night and discounted admissions tonight and continues through Saturday with a VIP gala featuring cellist Zoe Keating and contortionist Serchmaa Byamba.

Hot Couture – A Fusion of Fashion and Fire
1/17 – Preview & community night:$15
1/18 : $35 General Admission, $30 Crucible Members, $40 at the door
1/19 – VIP gala $125 in advance, $100 Crucible Members, $150 at the door
The Crucible
1260 Seventh Street, Oakland


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