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11/6 Shake it for Obama, one mo’ time

Posted by novoscene on November 6, 2008

He did it! Obama won! And all over the Bay Tuesday night they were dancing in the streets, thankin’ the lord and passing the wine.

The crowd at Everett and Jones gets down
Extra Action Marching Band doin’ the Obama in San Fran

A new era is on the way, but I figure we have only a couple of months before we have to remember that dude is, after all, still a politician. But until then there’s more partying to do, this event has been a long time coming. And to keep things festive Ruby Skye and Bay Area for Obama are throwing a huge FREE bash tonight over at the Skye. They’ve pulled together a list of crowd favorite DJ’s including Sake-1, Manny Black and Sam Isaac and free eats from Paplote. Eat, drink and be merry Obama lovers, cause soon it’s back to giving the powers that be a hard time.-Kwan

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8/7 Shake your butt for Obama

Posted by novoscene on August 7, 2008

Alright, yes, we’ll come clean. The Oakbook kinda likes Obama. But we assure you that our affinity is based purely on his sound economic policies and progressive global outlook. It has absolutely nothing to do with his rock star status, his B-ball skills, his swagger, his kick ass oratory or the myriad firsts an Obama presidency would signal. Or, mind you, the fact that it’s been mentioned on occasion that “he looks really good.” We at the Oakbook are fans of progress. And we believe B-Rock is all about keeping it moving.

So with that we encourage everyone to move their butts down to Levende Lounge East tonight for the “A Change Is Gonna Come” Obama Fundraiser. Good times for all-campaigners will be campaigning, fundraisers will be fund raising and DJ’s Icewater, Crimson, Neo Geo and Donovan will be spinning choice Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soul, and Funk cuts. For only 10 clams you can say that you too were part of history, and know that your night of partying and booty shaking played a key part in electing out future president. -Kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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