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2008 Election Night Parties in the Bay

Posted by novoscene on November 3, 2008

Grab your tap shoes boppers, the Big Dance is finally here.  In less than 24 hours the last two years of political waltzing and maneuvering will come to a close.  It doesn’t matter if you’re achin’ for Change or riding the Straight Talk Express, I think everyone is pretty full up on politics for a while-from the scandal of Troopergate and Fist Bump terrorism to racial anxieties and Joe the Plumber patronizing, we all need a second to rub our tired tootsies and stretch out for a bit before starting the important business of giving the next president hell.

That’s why, after you complete the all important business of casting your vote, we recommend you kick back with close friends, closer family and complete strangers at one of these election night parties.  They run the gamut from elegant to humble, round-the-way get togethers to cross the bridge spiffy.  Find one (or six) that fits your voting style and usher in the next president.  Or throw popcorn at the screen-Kwan Read the rest of this entry »

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All Barack, All the Time

Posted by novoscene on October 15, 2008

And I guess some of that other guy too.  But hell, if the SF Examiner can stump for McCain, damned right I’m flying the B-Rock flag (BTW click here for a look at the flyest Barack Obama shirts I’ve seen yet, made right here in The Bay baby!).

So tonight’s the last presidential debate, the last big night before the big, big night.  Folks from all stripes are gathering to watch what we hope will be a political smack down of the extreme Democratic variety.  Will McCain spontaneously combust into a ball of into maverick, free market rhetoric?  Will Obama hit him with more zingers like last week’s “Bomb, bomb, bomb. Bomb Bomb Iran” line.  Tune in tonight for all the action kiddies.

Here’s a short list of debate watching parties on both sides of the water.  I’m digging the shinding over at Lobot.  The promo promised Obama themed foods, bring your own shirt screen printing, rounds of McLiar Bingo and instant fact checking and lie detection.  Let the political games begin!-Kwan

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Mix it Up on Valentine’s Day

Posted by novoscene on February 13, 2008

Want to get a window into who’s going to be running this city in 15 years? Swing by Arsimona on Thursday evening. You will meet activists, organizers, and many other people ready to discuss East Bay issues they care about. It’s Mix it Up East bay, and this time, the theme is increasing sustainable foods in urban areas. So get there early — these events get crowded — pick up your glass of wine, and settle down for presentations by People’s Grocery, Oakland Food Connection, and the Growing Youth project from the Alameda Point Collaborative.

When: February 14 between 6 pm and 9 pm
Where: Arsimona bar and lounge, 661 11th Street
How Much: Free
Questions? Call Emily at (510) 435-8248

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Photos: Bill Clinton in Oakland

Posted by novoscene on January 17, 2008


Former President Bill Clinton made his way through Oakland yesterday, stumping for his wife’s presidential campaign and pressing the flesh with the people. You could have seen him at Everett & Jones on Broadway, thanks to One California, a new community bank in Oakland. If you missed it, freelance photographer Dorice McFadden captured the scene.

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Naomi Klein and the Grrrl MC’s

Posted by novoscene on September 28, 2007

Tonight the ladies speak fire at the House of Stormz in East Oakland:


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