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5/5 Cinco De Mayo-where we drinkin’?

Posted by novoscene on May 5, 2009

It’s the 5th of May, do you know where your party is?

Here are a few selections of party options to get you started.  Get out, grab some friends, grab some drinks at party like it’s…well, party like it’s Cinco De Mayo!

Soul Fyah Cinco De Mayo

Latin meets Jamaican with choice Reggae, Dancehall, Lover’s Rock Reggaeton cuts from DJ’s Serg, Kool Kyle, Stepwise and Santero. Special Cinco De Mayo drink specials all night.

Soul Fyah Cinco De Mayo
Lukas Lounge
2221 Broadway, Oakland

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2/11 Local Artist Love

Posted by novoscene on February 11, 2009

Round these parts we love our indie artists-nothing like someone who puts the craft first and is willing to spend years in anonymity, foresaking fame and rent payments for the sake of The Work. But after a while, the Ramen really does get old and you start to yearn for a little more recognition. And that brings me to another thing we love round here-community networking. So this new Thursday night artist showcase and networking event gets both thumbs stuck straight up.
Hosted by spoken word poet Sellasie, and featuring a guest spot by Oakland’s Ise Lyfe, We All You Got aims to link like minded musicians, poets and performers looking to take their careers to the next level. Slide through, bring your CD, grab the mic, discover new artists and build artisitic allies.
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12/2 Before God made Santogold, there was Res

Posted by novoscene on December 2, 2008

You might recognize the sonic similarities between Madame Gold-the current princess of funky electro, and the most excellent vocals stylings of Res, the uber hot Philly girl who flew sadly under the mainstream radar in the early years of the decade.  The slightly eccentric swagger, abstract diversions and mixtures of 80’s rock with R&B all spring from the same source.

Back in the late 90’s when Santogold was still Santi White, the two singers met up on the Philadelphia music scene and collaborated on Res’ debut album, 2001’s “How I Do.”  In fact Santi wrote the entire album, which could explain the sublimely un R&B sound of singles like “Golden Boys” (above), “How I Do” and “Ice King.”  A sound that would win Santogold worldwide acclaim and sponsorship by Bud Light (WTF of the moment) 7 years later, was just a bit before it’s time in 2001.  Sometimes genius just can’t catch a break.

But after a long hiatus, Res is thankfully back on the scene with a new internet only album “Black.Girls.Rock” and a live show tonight at PST.  The music scene’s a bit more open now and if there’s any justice at all in the business, we’ll be getting a lot more of her ill soul in the future.  But since the music biz isn’t exactly known for being forward thinking, I wouldn’t miss the show tonight. -kwan

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Thanksgiving O-Scene

Posted by novoscene on November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Night Thursday, Nov. 27

Turkey Groove

Tem, Ozzy and the rest of the crew from Arsimona Lounge present a thanksgiving night of soul, R & B, African tunes, Reggae and Dancehall. DJ Mpenzi will be in charge of making you dance all night and the folks at Arsimona will be keeping you entertained with the multiple TV’s, comfy lounges and great atmosphere full of good people. Come burn off some of the T-Day calories.

Turkey Groove
Arsimona Lounge
561 11th St. Arsimona

Phonic Thanksgiving

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Funk D’Void aka musical connoisseur Lars Sandberg. As a producer, Lars has created diverse tracks which comfortably ride the line of house and techno, and has produced tracks with DJ’s ranging from Danny Howells to Sven Vath. As a DJ, he’s been described by house music producer Jimpster as a “proper DJ who can take things in any direction…from the deepest of house to the funkiest of techno”. Fall in love with the dance floor all over again.

Phonic Thanksgiving
The Endup
401 6th St., San Francisco

Cream of Beat Reunion 2008

Bay Area musical legends are up in the building, waiting outside the building and behind the decks, rockin’ the building at this annual celebration of the Bay’s most loved parties. Every year promoters Personal Touch, Pirate DJs and True assemble the DJ’s behind some of the best party nights in recent memory for an all out hip hop, soul, funk, and electronic bash. This year’s roster includes Mind Motion, Ivan, Dark Money, Apollo, Fuze, Sake 1, Pause, Supreme, Toks, Lenoir, Shortkut and Byze One. Cream sells out every year, get tix early.

Cream of Beat Reunion 2008
119 Utah St. San Francisco

Thanksgiving Dodgeball Tournament

Stuff your face in the afternoon then bust some balls at night. Dodgeballs of course. For those with enough willpower to drag their well fed keisters off the couch after holiday grubbin’, there’ll be a whole mess of plastic ball wielding maniacs ready to get their Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn on all over Delores Park. We ain’t got snowball fights in the Bay, but this is almost as good.

Thanksgiving Dodgeball Tournament
Dolores Park
Dolores & Church and 18th & 21st
San Francisco, CA

“Give Thanks, Honor Natives” Potluck

All are welcome to join in community for this Ashkenaz tradition! Bring a vegetarian dish to share in this evening of music, food, and good company, sponsored by East Bay Food Not Bombs. Bringing your own plates, forks, cups, and utensils is appreciated as well.

“Give Thanks, Honor Natives” Potluck
1317 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley, CA

Grateful Dead DJ Night w/ Digital Dave

After chowing down on the vegan vittles stick around to party with The Dead. A nearly decade-old Ashkenaz tradition, the monthly Grateful Dead Night has been relaunched with a rotating cast of DJs, live bands, and other show-and-tell surprises from the Deadhead community. For this Thanksgiving Night edition, Ashkenaz welcomes back the pioneer of Grateful Dead Night, Digital Dave, who spins selections from his vast archive of Dead shows.

Grateful Dead DJ Night w/ Digital Dave
1317 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley, CA

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11/14 O-Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on November 13, 2008

Friday, Nov. 14

Reception: Final Dream Fringe

Swarm Gallery’s latest show, Final Dream Fringe, with Erik Friedman and Reuben Margolin explores the inspiration drawn from the beauty of nature and urbanity, and the logic of mathematics and technology.
Erik Friedman’s work focuses on investigating the industrial and severely depressed section of East Oakland where he lives. He looks closely within the seemingly bleak visual landscape and discovers where bright, beautiful, and hopeful intrusions occur.
Reuben Margolin’s large-scale kinetic sculptures invite contemplation from a variety of perspectives: as a mesmerizing kinetic sculpture; as a visualization of the complexities of wave motion and related scientific and mathematical concepts; and as an intricate and beautiful mechanical device. Reuben’s work combines the logic of mathematics with inspiration drawn from the beauty and patterns of nature. The artists will discuss the exhibit on Nov. 19 at 6pm.

Final Dream Fringe
Swarm Gallery
560 Second St.,Oakland

Womansong Circle with Betsy Rose and Evelie Posch and

The Womansong Circles are monthly participatory singing groups for women welcoming all voices and skill levels for stress relieving sessions of Chants, rounds, simple harmonies, and improvisation. The Circles are the creation of healing singer and writer Betsye Rose, and features sessions led by Evelie Posch, a sacred singer, writer musician and educator who blends tribal, fusion and devotional music.

Womansong Circle with Betsy Rose and Evelie Posch and
First Congregational Church of Berkeley
2345 Channing St, Berkeley

Build and They Will Come w/KRS-One

The Blast Master, Mr. Temple of Hip Hop himself, is back in the Bay for a series of shows kicking it with the talented local talent. While his claims a few years ago that “KRS-One is hip hop” might be an overstatement, it’s not much of one. One of the 1st MC’s to combine social observations with his rhymes while ushering in the era of tongue twisting lyrical niceness back when most heads were still working with nursery rhyme deliveries, Kris has been there at every stage of the game. And at 43 years old, dude is still one of the illest freestyle MC’s out there. He’s joined by Oakland’s freestyle king Mistah F.A.B., Mavrik, Bo-Rat and DJ True Justice.

Build it and They Will Come: KRS-One
Shattuck Downlow
2284 Shattuck Downlow, Berkeley

Green Festival

The nation’s longest running green living event stops in San Francisco this weekend with 125 lectures and live presentations, workshops, green films, kids’ activities, live music and over 350 eco-friendly vendors.
The festival highlights economic and environmental sustainability issues and celebrates what’s working in our communities-for people, business and the environment. Featured guests include Public Enemy’s Chuck D, Cornel West, Winona LaDuke and Van Jones.

Green Festival
$15/day $35 3 day package
Friday 12-7pm, Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday 11am-6pm

San Francisco Concourse Exhibition Center
635 8th St., San Francisco

Giftcenter Pavillion Theater
888 Brannan St. San Francisco


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11/15 Gay Shame? Nah, Gay Rage

Posted by novoscene on November 12, 2008

I’m not sure what surprises me more, the fact that Prop 8 actually passed or that the people who supported it don’t understand why there’s all this anger being shoveled there way.  What, you just thought you’d deny an entire segment of the population access to equal rights and everything would be cool-“Hey dude, sorry I voted to dissolve your marriage and not give you equal legal protection, but I just can’t have your gay lifestyle getting in the way of my traditional values.  No hard feelings, huh? Let’s go get a beer.”

No, dudes and dudettes of CA. If you voted against Prop 8 I do not, in fact, want to get a beer with you.  My rights are intact but dammit, I’m pissed on principle.

And of course so are a lot of other people.  Here’s a letter written by Oakland poet and musician Dillon Westbrook to supporters of Prop 8, and here’s a link to a new initiative started by The Town’s-DJ fflood on engaging African American straight men, one of the main supporters of Prop 8.

Come out to the protests in Oakland and San Francisco this Saturday beginning at 10:30 and find more info on organizing efforts here. -kwan

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11/10 Alice Russell and the SF Funk Festival

Posted by novoscene on November 10, 2008

The SF Funk Festival is back for the 1st time in 3 years and they’ve got a killer line up spread out over the next few weeks. While all the acts are definitely on the funky side, the tunes also lean heavily towards the electronic, with several solo DJ sets and performers who work just as much with laptops and cross faders as basses and wah wah pedals.

Alice Russell, performing tonight at The Independent, mixes bluesy funk with house and trip hop for a sound that’s distinctly British but all soul.  She fits snug in a box with UK soul artists like Amy Winehouse, Estelle and Duffy and has laid down tracks across the musical spectrum, collaborating with groups like Quantic, TM Juke, Bah Samba, The Bamboos, Susumu Yokota, Kushti, Unforscene, and Quantic Soul Orchestra.  Check her rework of the White Stripes’ “7 Army Nation” in the vid above-Jack White, who?

Parliament Funkadelic/Talking Heads keyboardist Burnie Worrell rolls through the Boom Boom Room Tuesday and Wednesday and LA turntable whiz DJ Cut Chemist hits DNA Lounge Friday.  Check the website for the full schedule.

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11/07 O-Scene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on November 7, 2008

Friday, Nov. 7


Oakland funk meets Minneapolis soul whenever Femi Andradres steps onto a stage. If you haven’t heard the new EP “Sweetwater Soul” or missed her recent performances at the San Jose Jazz Festival then you owe it to yourself to end your Art Murmor meandering tonight with a stroll over to Maxwell’s Lounge, where she’ll be holding it down with a full band.

Femi’s music is blend of Afro-Latin/Carribean rhythms, jazz, hip-hop, salsa and rock but refuses to fit neatly into any box. The Oakland raised singe and producer honed her sensual chops on the open mic and spoken word scene and has shared stages with the likes of Ledisi, Goapele and Martin Luther while also mixing it up with local electronic and metal outfits. She’s been shining bright in the background for years, and now says she’s ready to take center stage.

The cuts on “Sweetwater Soul” are on the mellow side, made for late night chill sessions-but onstage expect anything from vamped out electro cover songs to punk rock ballads. Look for the full feature on Oakland’s next great soul diva in the next edition of The Oakbook and lose yourself in some sweet water’s tonight.

7:30 doors, 9pm Show
Maxwell’s Lounge
341 13th Street
Oakland, CA 94612

First Friday Follies

Jumping into the 1st Friday fray with , the Stork Club kicks off Art Murmur with a full on musical raunch fest, a little bit of style and a whole lot of leg-all for free, like a good peep show should be. The ladies of Belle Du Jour (which, according to the group’s myspace, is “American-white-trash-revolution-speak for ‘More junk in the trunk than a McDonald’s Chicken Mcnugget Happy Meal'”) are joined by a lineup guaranteed to get you all hot and bothered. Check out Burlesque-esque undulations from Frederique, Marie Lafaux, Hoopsie Daisy, Charlie Starr, Eeyore The Clown, Little Eyeful, Dirty Dot with backing tunes from The Gomorran Social Aid and Pleasure Club.

First Friday Follies
9 p.m.
Stork Club
2330 Telegraph Ave. Oakland

Dance At Large

More than any industry outside of fashion, the dance world is famous and notoriously body conscious. You’ve got to be both swan graceful and pencil thin. It’s not often you see a Rubenesque ballerina and to make it to be the big time, you can’t be too big in the behind. But being f* that!  We like our dancers big, small, short, tall and all the colors of the Skittles package and the crew from Big Moves Bay Area is here to give you that bit of body diversity you probably won’t get from the usual Swan Lake. The girls are getting together with other size positive dancers for Dance at Large a program that celebrates movement in all it’s forms. Participants include including Rubenesque Burlesque, NaachDuniya, and hip-hop crew Culture Shock Oakland.

Dance At Large
10/7 and 10/8
$12/$10 students
Laney College Theater
900 Fallon St., Oakland

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11/6 Shake it for Obama, one mo’ time

Posted by novoscene on November 6, 2008

He did it! Obama won! And all over the Bay Tuesday night they were dancing in the streets, thankin’ the lord and passing the wine.

The crowd at Everett and Jones gets down
Extra Action Marching Band doin’ the Obama in San Fran

A new era is on the way, but I figure we have only a couple of months before we have to remember that dude is, after all, still a politician. But until then there’s more partying to do, this event has been a long time coming. And to keep things festive Ruby Skye and Bay Area for Obama are throwing a huge FREE bash tonight over at the Skye. They’ve pulled together a list of crowd favorite DJ’s including Sake-1, Manny Black and Sam Isaac and free eats from Paplote. Eat, drink and be merry Obama lovers, cause soon it’s back to giving the powers that be a hard time.-Kwan

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11/6 The Mouse That Roared

Posted by novoscene on November 6, 2008

The mighty squeak of Eek A Mouse

I heard a little while back that Yoshi’s was expanding their musical programing beyond traditional jazz and in the last few months I’ve seen an increase in R&B, blues and soul acts.  Making a living in the jazz world is tough enough and with 2 jazz clubs and a looming recession, it looks like the owners had to get business minded and diversify that musical portfolio.

And they’re actually doing a good job with the lineup-Amel Larrieux, Vieux Farka Toure and Bilal in the last few weeks with D’wayne Wiggins and Eric Benet in the next few.  Change is good, change is inevitable, but sometimes change just leaves you scratching your head.

Like tonight’s show.  Eek A Mouse? At a jazz club?

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan of Mouse since I was a senior in high school and he was the only authentic reggae musician that would bother to make a stop in Riddim starved Virginia.  I’ve loved his strangeness from the beginning-his nasal voice, mixture of singjay/chatting, and slightly off kilter style won me over from the start, so much that it was easy to overlook dude’s penchant for tight mesh tank tops and cowboy hats.

They’re clearing out the tables tonight so fans can come out and skank and wine ’til their hearts content. Personally I hope this show goes over well, it’d be great to have a venue in the area to see top tier reggae and roots acts along with some of the newer soul artists.  But I have to draw the line somewhere.  Once they start booking country and western acts, it’s over.-kwan

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