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2/11 Local Artist Love

Posted by novoscene on February 11, 2009

Round these parts we love our indie artists-nothing like someone who puts the craft first and is willing to spend years in anonymity, foresaking fame and rent payments for the sake of The Work. But after a while, the Ramen really does get old and you start to yearn for a little more recognition. And that brings me to another thing we love round here-community networking. So this new Thursday night artist showcase and networking event gets both thumbs stuck straight up.
Hosted by spoken word poet Sellasie, and featuring a guest spot by Oakland’s Ise Lyfe, We All You Got aims to link like minded musicians, poets and performers looking to take their careers to the next level. Slide through, bring your CD, grab the mic, discover new artists and build artisitic allies.
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10/31-11/4 Spoken Word Soul Fest

Posted by novoscene on October 31, 2007

Dropping Serious Verses

-kwan booth

Slam poetry had its official start at the Get Me High Lounge in Chicago in 1984 with bar room poet Marc Smith. Looking for a way to bring poetry to the masses, Smith came up with the idea of combining poetry with an Olympic style tournament complete with rounds and judges and all the heckling and loud talking you’d find in any respectable drinking establishment.

Over the years the slam has grown into an international literary sport with competitions all over the world. As a whole though, spoken word poetry dates back years before Smith to the Jazz and Beat poets of the 50’s through writers like Gil Scot Heron and Lydia Lunch up to today’s crop of to wordsmiths, hitting the mic from every angle: the political, the personal, the academic and the dirty and the just damned funny. Today you never know what’ll come gushing out in furious free verse.

One thing’s for sure -the words spreading through Oakland over the next few days from the 1st Annual Spoken Word Soul Fest will be pretty damned impressive. Bay Area spoken word production company Hot Water Cornbread has brought together some of today’s best performers for a 4 day spokenganza. Some of the featured artists include Bahamadia, Ursula Rucker, Queen Sheba, Medusa, Martin Luther, Shihan the Poet, and Jaguar Wright along with local heroes Scorpio Blues, Prentice Powell, Amir Sulaiman, Ise Lyfe.

Hot Water Cornbread’s Khalil Anthony answered a few questions about the event. Read the rest of this entry »

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