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Oakland AIDS Awareness Week Events

Posted by novoscene on November 27, 2007


December 1 is World AIDS Day and while a recent announcement from UNAIDS and the World Health Organization reported that the percentage of people living with the disease is leveling off, make no mistake, HIV/AIDS is still a very serious worldwide epidemic.

According to the Global Steering Committee of the World AIDS Campaign, over 5700 people died each day from AIDS-related illnesses in 2007. Over 6800 people are still being infected with HIV daily, about 1200 of whom are children under 15 and about 2900 are women 15 years and older.

The city of Oakland has declared this to be AIDS Awareness Week and is sponsoring a series of free events, testings, film screenings and fundraisers through the weekend.

Being safe and getting regular tests play a big part in staying safe.

Below is a list of events and testing centers throughout the town.




Oakland World Aids Week Events


Wednesday Nov. 28

HIV and Gospel Music Workshop

During this four-day workshop not only will we learn new music but we will also train members of the community of faith during about the impact of HIV on the church. The leader for the Gospel Music segment of the workshop will be Pastor Jeffrey Williams. We look forward to working with you. We are hopeful that your schedule will allow you to be involved in changing the way HIV education and information gets presented to our community of faith.



Olivet Institutional Missionary Baptist Church

807 27th Street, Oakland CA 94601


Get Screened Oakland and East Bay AIDS Walk Community Awards Reception


City Hall

1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza



Prayer Circle


City Hall Square

1 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza

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