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1-25-08 Novoscene Weekend

Posted by novoscene on January 25, 2008

-Mia Zuniga

The official weather forecast for the weekend predicts lots of rain and cold throughout early next week. It’s a damned shame because the Novometro events forecast for the weekend predicts lots of gems for those brave enough to battle the winter weather. Cool jazz, soulful R&B, white hot shopping and some thought provoking cinema are in store for those who can resist the call of the comfy cozy couch. -kwan

Friday, Jan. 25

Abderrahmane Sissako’s 2006 film, named after Mali’s capitol city, follows a mock trial of the World Bank, the IMF and “national corruption” brought by various representatives of African Society. Held in a front yard of an unasumming Bamako house in the middle of the rumbling city of close to 2 million people, defendants and plaintiffs attempt to untangle the reasons for the continent’s huge national debt, ongoing wars and continuing “structural adjstments.” Executive produced by Danny Glover, the film takes a tone similar to the recent docs Life and Debt and Black Gold. The film will be followed by light refreshments and a community discussion.
Documentary screening and refreshments.
7 p.m.
EastSide Cultural Center
2277 International Blvd. Oakland

Extramundane is an exhibition of Las Vegas/Chicago based artist Cayetano Ferrer’s most recent work involving public space, architecture, as well as the act and experience of surveillance. Partly focused on work made in or about Ferrer’s hometown of Las Vegas, NV, this show is manifested through various media and approaches. Sculpture, photographs, and video installation provide the viewer with an insight into the constant flux of the built environment and the easily unnoticed interplay of objects and time. Ferrer exposes the relationship between the built and the rebuilt, exploring the delicate matters of history and memory as the present paves over the recent past. His work is a gentle push/pull between permanence and obsolescence, inviting consideration of environmental evolution and mutation as processes that emerge out of small-scale habits of human intervention.
EgoPark Gallery
492 23rd St. Oakland, CA

Rhonda Benin and the Soulful Strut
Rhonda Benin’s honey dipped voice has guaranteed her a full and versatile musical career. From her beginnings as a member of the Los Angeles based jazz trio “Sound of Soul” to her role as a founding member of Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir (CHC), the singer has travelled the world, recorded with greats including Taj Mahal and Hugh Masakela and even picked up a GRAMMY nomination along the way. She’ll be performing a program of originals and covers that dip from the jazzy over the spiritual.
Rhonda Benin and Soulful Strut
Call for Cover Charge
8 PM
Anna’s Jazz Island
2120 Allston Way, Downtown Berkeley

Saturday, Jan 26

The Kaspar/Sherman Jazz Quartet
The Kaspar/Sherman Quartet represents the meeting of two families of musical minds. Twin sisters Nancy and Pat Kaspar recently linked up with Laura and Leonard Sherman to form the snazzy quartet that mixes old standards with smatterings of obscure jazz and swing.
The Kaspar/Sherman Jazz Quartet
Numi Tea Garden
2230 Livingston Street, Oakland

Mia Zuniga: Stories Such As These Release Party
By the time she was three years old, Pittsburg, CA native soulstress Mia Zuniga had already been singing along to tunes on the radio while sitting in the back of her mother’s car. By the time she was nine, she was writing her own songs. In the years since the classically trained vocalist has trained at UC Berkeley, picked up guitar and started her own label-Love Music Records-and released her first album “Stories Such as These.” Tonight is the release party for the album and could be the launching pad for a artist already being hailed as an “acoustic Lauryn Hill (but without the heavy dose of CRAZY.”
Stories Such As These Release Party
Blakes on Telegraph
2367 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley

Sunday, Jan 27

White Elephant Preview Sale
Thrift shoppers and discount bin hoppers take note: the white elephant is on the horizon! Over the years the Oakland Museum’s White Elephant Sale has gained the reputation of being one of the biggest and baddest rummage sales this side of the Rio Grande. This Sunday’s preview should whet your appetite for the full blown sale later this year, and with 17 separate departments including toys, kid’s clothes, furniture, electronics, sporting goods and vintage clothes spread over the 96,000 square foot warehouse, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll need all 6 hours to take it all in. Word to the wise: get there early and stay focuses Elephant deal hunters are known to be a tough breed.
White Elephant Preview Sale
Oakland Museum of California Warehouse
333 Lancaster Street, Oakland

Tet Festival
The Bay is home to approximately 170,000 Vietnamese immigrants and the Tet festival-the celebration of Vietnamese New Year-has become one of larger annual cultural events held in Oakland. Expect lots of children’s games, dragon dancers, a talent show, martial arts demonstrations and a Vietnamese Idol singing competition.
Oakland Tet Festival 2008
10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Clinton Park
International Blvd and 6th Ave, Oakland

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