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Got an Opinion on BRT? Share it

Posted by novoscene on January 12, 2010

If you haven’t read about Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) at a Better Oakland or the Chron’s In Oakland, here’s something straight from the City of Oakland’s Transportation Services Division regarding the planning for the BRT project:

Oakland is preparing its recommendation for an AC Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system running through the heart of the East Bay from San Leandro through Oakland to Berkeley.  The City is seeking the input of Oakland residents and merchants on the proposed design of the Bus Rapid Transit system.  The City has planned seven public meetings throughout Oakland – click here for all dates and locations.

Remaining dates include:

January 12  Eastlake Meeting – TONIGHT!
Eastside Arts Alliance
6-8 PM, 2277 International Blvd.

January 21  East Oakland Meeting
East Oakland Youth Development Center
6-8 PM, 8200 International Blvd.

January 26  Telegraph Ave. Meeting
Faith Presbyterian Church
6-8 PM, 430 49th Street

January 27   Downtown and All Oakland Lunchtime Open House
Oakland City Hall, Hearing Room 2
11 am – 1 pm, 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza

January 27  Downtown and All Oakland Meeting
Oakland City Hall, Hearing Room 4
5 pm – 7 pm, 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza

January 28  East Oakland Meeting (#2)
St. Louis Bertrand Church
6-8 PM, 1410 100th Avenue
This process will culminate in the submittal of Oakland’s Locally Preferred Alternative to AC Transit to be included in the range of options they consider when they build the BRT system.

What is a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)?

Bus Rapid Transit is set of improvements to Bus service which will make the Bus run like a light rail or street car without rails. This means:

· Level Boarding: No more climbing stairs into the Bus.
· Pre-paid Tickets: Buy your ticket while you wait instead of at the front of the Bus.
· All-Doors Boarding: Board the bus at any door and leave the bus at any door.
· Dedicated Lane in most locations: The bus gets its own lane so no more waiting in traffic on the bus.
· Permanent Stations: The bus stops at a station with a shelter instead of at a pole on the sidewalk. Bus stops won’t move and waiting for the bus is comfortable.
The City has also prepared postcards with the updated meeting information. You can find the English/Chinese language sheet here and the English/Spanish language sheethere.

For more info go to the City’s BRT site here, or call 510-238-3792, or email here.
Bruce Williams
Transportation Services Division
Community and Economic Development Agency
250 Frank Ogawa Plaza, 4th Floor
Oakland, CA  94612
(510) 238-7229

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